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Publishing BW workbook in portal can be done in two ways.

  1. Using RRMXP transaction
  2. Using information broadcasting in portal and publishing into the KM folder

In this blog we will see about how to publish workbooks using RRMXP transaction, for the first option follow these steps:

  1. Create a new system object with connection properties alone without the user admin, user mapping and WAS properties.In the connection properties set the server port as SAP port ( might be 3200)
    • After creating the system object create an SAP Transaction iview for RRMXP transaction pointing towards this system.Create the transaction iview as wingui and not webgui.
    • While creating the iview set the application parameter as “WBID = your workbook no”
    • When you preview this iview the workbook will be displayed in a new window.
    • You can find the BW workbook id from the table RSRWBINDEX Publishing of BW workbooks using Information Broadcasting you need BW 3.5 and EP 6.0
  2. For information broadcasting – you have to install the precalculation server in the portal server.This is needed for precalculation of the workbook.After installing the precalculation server start the corresponding service.If you execute transaction “RSPRECADMIN” in BW, it shows the status of precalculation server, Whether it is running or not
    • After doing this. Assign the BEX role inthe portal to the user.Now from this screen you can broadcast the BW workbook.

For information broadcasting you need BW 3.5.  

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  1. Tarun Chhichhia

    Thanks, good simple procedure… Just to clarify, is this related to the BEX workbooks (excel).

    How will the Authorization be affected when you access the workbooks via the Portal.



    1. Arun Kumar Sampath Kumar Post author
      Thanks Tarun.

      Yes it is related to BEX Workbooks.
      In Portal the workbooks are broadscasted using the id of the user into Knowledge Management area. Only those having the access to the KM folder can view these BEX Workbooks.


  2. Geert Wouters

    We followed the procedure in this blog and were able to create the transaction iView. Unfortunately the Workbook is not opened automatically. First we arrive in SAP and there we still have to press [Enter].
    Is there a way to directly open the Workbook via SSO out of the Portal (and having the Business Explorer toolbar)?

    Many thanks,


  3. Raimundo Alvarez
    Hi Arun,
    This weblog was very helpful for me but I have the same concern mentioned before by Geert Wouters (the first comment in this weblog).

    When RRMXP is called from portal, I need to explicitly press enter in the transaction in order to get to my workbook in the Bex Analyzer.

    Is there any way to avoid this and go right away from portal to BEx Analyzer without pressing enter in RRMXP?

    Thanking you in advance for your help,
    Raimundo Alvarez

      1. Rajesh Bathala
        Hi Arun,

        I am using the same option like as u said for wookbook. As WBID=’Workbook ID’. But it is showing blank screen.

        I selected “SAP BW Query URL” in “Other” tab in the creation of Role, in the “Menu” tab.

        Is it correct or can i select other option.

        Can u please update this question.

        Thanks in Advance


  4. Vishal D

    Hi Arun,<br/><br/>This is fantastic blog, but me facing a problem. Though i have entered Application Parameters: WBID=<no#>, still i am unable to avoid the extra enter which I need to hot to open the excel.<br/>Kinldy help its urgent.<br/><br/>Regards,<br/>Vishal


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