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Well, it’s that time of the year again – SAP TechEd ’06 is just around the corner and the event locations and venues couldn’t be better! We’re talking Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Tokyo… and what better place than Vegas to kick it all off! Like the other great tracks that will be available at the event, the End-to-End Process Integration Track is geared up and ready to go. We got full coverage of all the major End-to-End Process Integration IT Scenarios including Business Process Management, Enabling Platform Interoperability, Enabling Application-to-Application Processes, and, last but not least, Enabling Business-to-Business Processes, which is where the session I’m going to talk about comes in.


Session EPI300 is a combination of B2B and security topics, hence the title “Configuring Secure Business-to-Business Integration”. On the coattails of SAP NetWeaver, now in full stride, Process Integration has really hit the mainstream. Just look at the amount of activity and knowledge base on the SDN XI Forum today… Wow! It’s come a long way. However, there are some SAP NetWeaver XI topics that haven’t quite hit mainstream yet (for whatever reason) and B2B and messaging security seem to be a couple of standouts. Well maybe B2B is just about there, but secure B2B is not a topic that seems to be widely covered in the SDN XI forum and, oddly enough, you can’t really implement B2B integration without security.

Session Details

There will be a lot to cover in this session. Here are some session details:

Core Topics

  • Network and Transport Layer Security (e.g. HTTP and SSL)
  • Message Level Security (e.g. Digitial Signatures, Encryption, Certificates, WSS)
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Network Topology

Other Miscellaneous

  • Adapter Specific Security
  • Access Control Lists
  • Collaboration Profiles and Agreements
  • Security specific configuration tasks in ID

We’ll also show some cool DEMOs on an actual B2B use case for an industry standard such as CIDX or RosettaNet and, time permitting, a secure web services scenario.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the other End-to-End Process Integration track sessions that will be available. SAP NetWeaver Product Manager Paul Medaille has already laid it out for you in his The Process Integration Track at SAP TechEd Las Vegas overview blog. Since this session belongs to the Enabling Business-to-Business Process Integration IT Scenario, I’ll be bit biased and list some of the related B2B sessions available below.


Other B2B Sessions at TechEd ’06

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    1. Michal Krawczyk

      >>>>We’re talking Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Tokyo…

      I didn’t notice it – it’s because I’m so excited
      as I only look at the topics ๐Ÿ™‚

      sorry ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Former Member Post author
        Hi Michal –

        Glad to see your enthusiasm regarding this topic and that you’ll be coming to TechEd ’06. Yes, it will definitely be presented in Amsterdam by my colleague Andreas Stolz who is from SAP NetWeaver RIG EMEA and a seasoned veteran of SAP NetWeaver XI.

        Kind regards,


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