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“KM Weblogs” project was started towards the end of 2005 and we have not progressed due to various challenges like issues in finalizing the technology, availability of and central development server and varying objectives of project team members. One may go through the discussion forum that we had during the project at sourceforge project home to understand the challenges of the KM weblogs project team.  I would like to take this project forward by analysing issues, the lesions learnt from the project so far and suggesting the way forward. Scope and Technology Options: This project has shown us that it is very difficult to finalize the scope and the choice of technology by discussing the feature requests with all the developers. Hence the team is required to appoint a technical architect / development manager who should be allowed finalize technology options / Scope changes after discussing them with the project team members. Offcourse team members should be given enough opportunity to express their opinion within certain deadline. Development Platform: As we don’t have any central portal server, developers are required to install the sneak preview edition of Portal. Sneak preview Portal can be downloaded at   What are we trying to do? We are trying to create a web log system using the features of SAP Portal Knowledge management. If you understand the process of creating a weblog at SDN website, you know the requirements of this project too.   Webblogger will use WYSIWYG editor to create a weblog; the generated XML file will be stored in SAP Portal Knowledge management repositories. These XML files will be transformed either using KM Flexi UI or some other technology to the users.  Way forward: Having worked with multiple Portal & KM projects, I once again volunteer to be an architect / development manager and I invite my SDN colleagues to join me to take this project forward. We can have more than one architect/development manager, but it requires extreme co-ordination between the architects/development managers to run the project effectively.  Who can join the project?Any SDN member with SAP Portal / Web Programming experience How do I join the project?. Register yourself in sourceforge and join the project at      
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  1. Former Member
    Some interesting comments came up on another blog about this one so I thought I would go through a breif history of this particular project.

    This project started out as my brain child right before TechEd ’05, I was asked the question why don’t we use a SAP built weblog system instead of the one we have. I didn’t have an answer until I found out that there is no SAP built one out there.

    Doing some research into KM I realized just about everything we needed was there – it was just a matter of layout and some additional functions.

    I immediately, rushing headlong feet first eyes closed, into it by generating interest to do OS projects around SAP technologies. Created a page for projects which is attached to our GREAT community pages and set to work to get people who could actually do something in KM to work on it.

    Response of course was fantastic and we had 50 people with interest in the topic in general and 30 or so sign up to do this one in particular. As I don’t know KM or Portal I stepped back and offered to be the “marketing” type person and promote it and be sure it got coverage as long as they continued the work.

    It started off well and they got into a discussion of what technology to use together with KM and that is basically where it feel apart. The problem was simply they had too many choices and no one yelling “USE THIS ONE.”

    So after a bit of talking to Arul he was convinced to give it a go again and this time he plans to be the one yelling “USE THIS ONE”, now of course after the first beta release which I’m hoping to see this year they can discuss other technologies again but it’s agreed – we start here with “I am proposing KM flexi UI since it provides many standard features and ease of integration with KM eventhough it takes a little more time”

    So the project ultimately crashed in the beginning for two reasons – it was a complete from scratch with no basis as most of these styles really have to begin with and second because there were to many options to get started – it’s like a kid in a toy store where he can have a single toy but anything he wants.

    So now it’s time to start!

    1. Former Member
      Oh and Anton,

      “If it really worked the way the author wants to see it, it could become really absurd, e.g. in that some corporate manager starts an opensource project, finds some %&&$”§ programmers, whom he can milk and then run with the result and sell it. A crazy idea actually.”

      That’s pretty much the way it was “I had a dream” but couldn’t do it so I tried hard to find someone who could but instead of starting small I went for the hurricane effect and sucked everyone in.

      What this project needs and I think Arul realizes that now is for him or another to actually get the alpha/prototype running and see who wants to work with them to make it better. The true way most OS projects seem to really take off.

      I think most people jumped on board with this one because they wanted to be part of something so brand new and different in this world of ours here  (SDN/SAP) – so the project ultimately failed because I didn’t take the time to learn enough of the KM to get something started myself and then get people to help me – I basically “milked” them to do it for me – but it was good intentions – I really wanted to see the community pull it off for themselves I still do! I also still have folks in KM standing by to take a look and maybe even put in a good word for it when it’s ready for testing.


      1. Former Member
        actually I don’t want to play the smart *** here, but I can’t resist to give this advice:

        Forget the manager stuff, stay Arul or Craig, code some alpha, proof of concept or prototype, chip it in and if it’s cool, the community will get aboard.


        1. Former Member Post author
          Hi Anton,

          It is a very good idea to develop a prototype as a starting poing before everybody throws their idea in to the product.  Thank you. I too have come from a developer background and i enjoy coding than managing as most of SDNners. So Let’s start coding!!


      2. Former Member

        It’s good to see the lessons learned and I hope to see the project succeed.  I agree with Anton when he basically says to have less “management” and more “do”. Your concept is good, and I am sure developers would love to add more features to the weblog system. 

        Have you ever considered building an open source SDN?  You would have the support of thousands of developers working together to make a tool that they use everyday even better.  Maybe once the weblog system is complete, SDN will run it as a starting point.  Just a thought…

        I have to say, I have really enjoyed seeing some actual added value dialog in these last two blogs.   I would like to see more of that on SDN.

        Also, for anyone else wondering which “other blog” that Craig is referring to, here is the link: Open Source @ SDN?  Please share your thoughts.


        1. Former Member
          Lofty ideas, but alas that’s how I got into this mess 🙂

          Arul is going to code and Craig is going to go and try and figure how KM works so maybe just maybe he can actually help.


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