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In many ways I exist on the fringe.  I am a non developer in a development company, in, for all practical purposes, a development group.  I was an Industry Principal for a industry I had little experience in. Work in an SAP sales office far away from the machinations of Palo Alto and Walldorf.  There are alot of advantages (and disadvantages of course) of being on the fringe but the one that I like, is it allows me to take a step back and look somewhat introspectively at the world that I live and work in.  And finally am a blogger, who up to now, has never had a huge desire to do so, as I always been more than happy to share my opinions and thoughts with my family and co-workers.  But my world has changed and all my co-workers are far afield and this seems like the best to express my thoughts and also step out of my comfort zone.  BPX.  When I first heard of the idea, I thought, what a great idea.  It made perfect sense.  This is the world I came from before and during my tenure at SAP. These are the business people who, for whatever reason, had a technological leaning but would never be considered IT professionals.  This idea fit in perfectly with SAP’s new strategy of business processes.  This was a program I could relate to.  So what happens now?  I know I am excited to be involved and watch this program get off the ground and grow.  I also know that there are many challenges before this will be considered a success.  But the upside is huge and if executed correctly will be the way to open many doors into companies now and in the future.  Good Day
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