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Ok… So if you are a regular reader of the XI blog section, you might be wondering “What’s with this guy and the FILE Adapter imageWell, to tell you the fact … I just seem to be obsessed with it image

Jokes apart … this blog intends to help out the beginners with their queries(some) about the File Adapter, FTP, the folder names and various other errors (leaving out Content conversion here cos we already have enough of blogs on the same) that pop up as frequent posts in the forum. 

Now the first thing, How can I pick a file from my local machine? The answer is FTP and all you need to do is to configure a FTP server on your local machine.   So How do you do that ? There are actually various free downloads that you can find and one of them is GuildFTP.

The following set of screen shots will help you configure the FTP on your machine. 

Say you have downloaded and ran the exe file. Now some configuration changes should get your FTP server up and running for your XI scenarios.

Step 1: Create a User


Provide a user name and password. You will be using this in your adapter configurations. Note: Make your user an administratorimage

Step 2: ADD/EDIT Path


And check all the attributes. This gives your FTP folder complete access to read, write etc.

(An answer to one of the questions concerning ‘Unable to write a file – Receiver File Adapter’)


and thats it … you are done !!!!  Now one thing you might have noted is two terms Local Path and Virtual path and here lies one of the secrets of your File adapter configuration.


Even though in your local machine you have the folder name as ftproot and the path say C:\ftproot, in your file adapter you will refer the same as / . So if you have created subfolders like input and output, in the adapter configuration it would be refered to as /input or /output and not C:\ftproot\input or C:\ftproot\output.   This solves the problem of another question “No such directory or folder exists” 

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  1. Former Member
    This information is all available as help docment when you download the GuildFtp server. I don’t see anything new here.


    1. Shabarish Vijayakumar Post author
      Hi Saravana,

      Well this is a consolidated info i found which wud be useful for people at the beginner level and a easy reference.

      At times when i have been training fresh recruits i found it a herculean task to explain to each how to get their desktop configured for FTP and how to use the same in the FILE adapter.
      (What do you feel on this ? I still remember you training me 2 years back ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


    1. Former Member
      So my computer IP address would be the SERVER in the file adapter configuration..

      I have one more question for the IDOC to FIle scenario….

      Can you help me out in the configurations that i need to make…

      I need some help on this scenario…

      I have completed the XI part….i need the information of what are the configurations that i need to do in the R/3 and XI system..

      what all i have done is :

      In R/3 : Created :

      RFC destination (pointing XI system)X7ACLNT100
      Port X7ACLNT100
      Partner profile ( outbound parameter CREMAS)…Here i specified receiver port as the one created in R/3 X7ACLNT100whose RFC destinationX7ACLNT100 is pointing XI

      XI :

      RFC destination(Pointing R/3) QZACLNT100
      and port  QZACLNT100=> do i need to create these 2.

      When i try to do the testing of IDOC in we19, its creating IDOC but not sending it, not even reaching XI…

      Can you help me out..or can you tell me the complete steps of these configurations….

      A bit urgent

  2. Ashutosh R
    Hi Shabarish
                 i have gone through a lot of u r FileAdapter blogs.i had an issue…
    Scenario :File -> RFC (Asynchronous/No Bpm)
      Server : XI 3.0
    FTP at Sender File adapter (Using FCC & IP address).
    Sometimes the FILE Adapter “FORGETS ” to pick the file from the ftp site.  On re activating the  file adapter starts picking the files again…
    situation ocuring at every 1 hr(approx).So every time we had to re activate it…

    any clues u have…

    ashutosh rawat  


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