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This weblog will contain various topics. If you have problems regarding Fax / E-mail comunication please take a look, maybe you find the answer here.

PART I: Problems like: ‘Document is not sent’.


When trying to send a document from SAPOffice or from various customer program, an error occures, and the document is not sent. In SAPOffice the following error is visible: ‘Address does not exist.’

This is often caused by inconsistency in the table: SOPR, and can be repaired with the report ‘RSSODIAD’.
Execute the report and check the behaviour.


You are after upgrade from rel: 4.x to 6.x or above. Your programs wich were working perfectly in rel 4.x do not send mail / fax now. The document in Transaction SOST have the status: 672 – Still no entry in queue.


The reason for this is described in SAP note: #489286. -> You have to use explicit ‘COMMIT WORK.’ as of rel 6.10 to send documents. The solution is to adopt your code according to this changes.


After upgrade the FAX / Mail documents are not sent. The error is: XS 802 The recipient is unknown.


Please make sure the RFC destionations have been re-entered after the upgrade in Tr. SCOT. These information disappear during the upgrade and must be re-configured.


The send process is blocked. /* It never ends */. When you try to start it manually you see the message: ‘No message Sent’.


Please read & implement SAP note: #755889. For immediate solution you can delete the oldest entry in table SOSC. After this make sure there is no lock on the DB table SXDISP and restart the send process. /* If there are more errorus entries in the send queue you may repeat the above process */ Please be aware that the document deleted from SOSC will not be sent!!! This procedure is not recommended by SAP it is only for emergency cases and for own consideration.

PART II: Configuration problems.


After configuring SMTP e-mail communication, as described in note: #455140 Mails are not sent.


The cause we most often see: The SMTP Service can not start in the ICM, because the port defined for the Service is in use by another Service. /* Most often happenes, when the port 25 is choosed on a Unix machine, as Port 25 is often in use by sendmail */

If this is the case you can see the following error messages in the ICM log. Tr. SMICM -> GOTO -> Trace File -> Display all.

*** ERROR => IcmBindService: NiBuf2Listen failed for host  A good advice: If you develop a program sending mails, what does not work: first try to use the SAP samples from SAP note: #190669. These should work. If they don’t the problem should be in the System configuration and not (or not only 😉 ) in your program.


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