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Debugging of inbound proxies in WebAS 6.40 or higher

To show the debugging of inbound ABAP proxy, the implementation of the demo scenario is used. The demo scenario is available in any installation WebAS 6.40 or higher.

At first you have to set a break point in the ABAP code. Call transaction SPROXY. Expand the namespace, the node Message Interface (inbound) and the interface FlightBookingOrderRequest_In.


Double click on interface II_SXIDAL_FBO_REQUEST and get the view of the proxy object properties.


Double click on the implementing class (ABAP name) and then double click on the method name (this class has only one method).

Now you are in the inbound proxy implementation. Set the break point on the first executable line.


With help of the back button (F3) go back to the transaction SPROXY. Here you choose from menu Proxy -> Test Interface


In the next pop up check the field XML Editor to maintain the payload.


In the next screen apply suitable values or upload the XML payload of the SXMB_MONI (after mapping).


Now the inbound proxy processing should stop at the break point.


If the processing does not stop at the break point, there might be an error in the XML. Check at the result page for error messages.


Debugging of inbound proxies in WebAS 6.20

You set the break point the same way as described above.

To start the proxy test you call the report SPRX_TEST_INBOUND.

As parameters you enter the name of the ABAP interface and the method name of of the ABAP interface and check the parameter Edit Native XML


In the next screen you apply suitable values or upload the XML payload of the SXMB_MONI (after mapping).

Then you click first on save button (F11), then on back button (F3).

Now you should see your debug session. If not, check if the XML is valid.

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  1. Hello Stefan,

    Thanks for the blog. Testing inbound proxies have always been a monkeying task for me. We would put some infinite loop into the implementation of the proxy and debug from there.


    1. Former Member
      Hi Stefan,

      while testing inbound proxy as suggested in the blog for WAS 6.40 and above, when the interface is executed (not in debug mode) system displays a runtime timestamp in the lower bottom pane. Is that time in milliseconds or micro seconds?


  2. Former Member
    Hi Stefan,

    I guess there are a few more techniques for debugging Inbound Proxies, we can unregister the queues and collect the data as well, there was SDN link available on that, i could not find it right now

    But this is good one



  3. Hi Stefan,
      I have a scenario, where i have to test the proxy class from wsadmin transaction. in detail
    1) i have created a data type , message type, message interface in XI system
    2) i have generated a inbound proxy on that messae interface in R/3 system
    3) now i have created a webservice from that proxy
    4) i am testing the web service from the transaction wsadmin
    5) i want to debug the proxy class in R/3 when i test the web service in wsadmin

    when i execute the web service from wsadmin, immedietely a browser starts where i can enter my test data, there is a button test on that page when i click that, the data sent to R/3 proxy class and the response is returned to browser.
    i want to stop in the proxy class.
    can you help me.
    Thanks & Regards
    Amarender Reddy B

    1. Former Member
      Hi Amar,
      well i ahad the same kind of req.,
      in my case- the scenario was file to proxy and i wanted to debug it
      so i logged in the system(R3) by the user ‘PIAPPLUSER’ the one which is service user(i bribed my basis guy and had dialog access to it) and which actually does execute the proxy on behalf of XI.
      i then put an external break point in the ABAP code.
      So when actually the file is picked up from the source and it enters the R3 system – there it was at waiting for me at my breakpoint!
      i hope this might help u.

      (Note- dont logoff from the R3 system until ur breakpoint is reached.)



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