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Top Contributor Pins

imageWho are the top three contributors in the area of Business One (since last contest)?

Currently they are:
1 Adele le Roux 1578
2 Ibai Peña 1506
3 Louis De Gouveia 1466

This may still change until Friday the 28th of July High Noon Pacific Standard Time. Unfortunately this is all the time that is left for you to add some contributions to change the ranking.

As we did last year as a little thank you to all of your contributions, we will give out pins and gift certificates from the SAP Shop for the top three in all development areas.

All development areas except ‘Other’ therefore only content related points count for this one, no referrals or answering of surveys will bring you closer to any of these pins.

You not only get a pin, but as an additional token of appreciation you will get a gift certificate first place $100, second $50 and third $25. Hope you like it.

By the way the pin in this post is from 2005, we will have a slightly different design this year, but the exact look is still a secret.

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    • /bow3 to you for making first and Thomas for becoming 2nd. The 3rd one is still somewhat open. Both Maksim and Armin have the chance to become 3rd by only posting 2 web logs. I am out of the race as for me still more than 1000 points are missing. Good luck to Maksim, Armin and Bertram.
      • I stand in tradition of my great-grandfather concerning bestowal of decorations: During World-War I he received the “Eisernes Kreuz” – and he decorated his dog with it 😉


        • Hi Valery,

          I was congratulating you for becoming first and Thomas for becoming second in the Web Dynpro area. You are currently leading with approx. 200 points before Thomas. Most of your points result from answering forum posts and helping many, many fellow developers. Awesome.


    • Acutally I borrowed/copied the picture from our graphic wizard Jodi. But you are right Bertram Ganz was the top cointributor in the area of Web Dynpro.
      Here are the other results from last year:

      Enjoy, Mark.

    • Of course we are just finishing everything up now, preparing certificates, pins, sending out invitations to SDN Day for those who earned free adminision, to those who earned discounted or free admissions to TechEd – lots and lots just takes a little time.