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Unified Life-Cycle Management Track at SAP TechEd ’06

It’s not just for kids anymore…

Well, the SAP TechEd organizers really did it this year. While last year’s US and EMEA conferences were in the historical cities of Boston and Vienna respectively, this year they have picked a couple of doozies for cities to host the event. That’s right, really want to party down? The 2006 US and EMEA events are in Las Vegas and Amsterdam!

Although I didn’t help select the event cities (even though I probably would’ve picked the same ones!), I am one of the track organizers for TechEd this year. I am the US track owner for Unified Life-Cycle Management: “Automate application management processes and optimize all facets of an application’s life cycle.” Or, in simpler terms, it’s the track for administrators. Even though Elvis wasn’t available to speak, we still have been able to select very qualified experts to present what you always expect from TechEd…oodles of tips, tricks, features, functions and know-how.

As you might expect at TechEd, the Unified Life-Cycle Management track is quite large and has a lot of sessions. It includes sub-tracks on SAP NetWeaver Operations with topics such as the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, job scheduling, performance and archiving; and Software Lifecycle Management with topics such as landscape planning, SAP Solution Manager, upgrades and the NetWeaver Development Infrastructure. Below is a list of the US sessions in the track, with a link to the overview.

Myself? I’ll be at the Vegas one…meet me at the Hold Em tables… (I’ll be blogging about some of my sessions, too, so keep an eye out…)

SAP NetWeaver Operations Sessions

ULM101 ASUG Systems Management SIG Community: Tips, Tricks and Information Sharing Session
ULM102 Automated Business Processing: SAP’s Strategy for Job Scheduling
ULM103 Leaner and Faster Systems Using Data Archiving
ULM105 SAP Printing News–from Conventional SAP Printing to Central Print Management with HP
ULM107 SAP Stress Test Benefits, Set-Up, and Execution
ULM200 ASUG Data Archiving SIG Community Update
ULM202 Advanced Data Archiving and Data Management Techniques for SAP Administrators
ULM203 Homogeneous System Copy of SAP NetWeaver Platform
ULM208 Performance Planning in mySAP ERP 2005
ULM209 Performance Tuning of a Production Environment
ULM210 SAP Disaster Recovery Using Oracle Data Guard
ULM211 SAP Document Management System Integration with Content Servers
ULM212 SAP NetWeaver Administrator: Latest News
ULM252 Landscape-Wide Reporting on Technical Monitoring Data
ULM253 Monitoring and Management with SAP NetWeaver Administrator
ULM255 SAP Central Job Scheduling by Redwood: The New Integrated Version
ULM256 SAP Central Print Management – the New Integrated Version
ULM301 Troubleshooting Errors in SAP NetWeaver Components–Tips and Tricks
ULM351 Optimize Your Data Archiving Project

Software Lifecycle Management Sessions

ULM106 SAP Solution Manager 4.0–New Features
ULM108 The Application Development Life Cycle: Maintaining Quality and On-Time Code Delivery
ULM150 Automated Functional Testing Using eCATT in SAP Solution Manager
ULM201 Applying SAP NetWeaver Support Packages
ULM204 How to Synchronize the SAP Development Environment Through System Refresh
ULM205 Issue Management in SAP Solution Manager
ULM206 Landscape Strategies for the System Landscape Directory of SAP NetWeaver
ULM207 Managing Efficient Upgrades–Upgrade to mySAP ERP 2005
ULM213 SAP NetWeaver System Landscapes
ULM214 SAP System Consolidation at Hewlett-Packard
ULM215 Technical Lessons and Insights from IBM’s SAP Consolidation and Upgrade
ULM216 Upgrading to mySAP ERP 2005 – Strategy, Experiences, and Key Learnings
ULM217 SAP Accelerated Data Migration – the Safe Passage Data Migration Solution
ULM218 SAP Test Data Migration Server: Creating Non-Production Systems with a Reduced Set of Data
ULM219 System Landscape Optimization – Services and Tools to Consolidate and Harmonize Systems
ULM250 Build Your Enterprise-SOA Development Landscape in Hours with SAP Best Practices
ULM251 From SAP NetWeaver Usage Type DI Post Installation to the First Development Landscape
ULM254 Plan and Execute Software Maintenance
ULM257 Support SAP Solutions with SAP Solution Manager
ULM300 eCATT: Some Frequently Asked Questions Explained
ULM350 Modification Management with Java Applications

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      For details on landscape-wide reporting on performance data and workload statistics using SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI), see my 
      blog here:
      Reporting on Landscape-Wide Monitoring Data in BI
      Reporting on Landscape-Wide Monitoring Data in BI
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      Matt, could you be kind and correct the URLs, esp. for ULM203 ?

      Even with Premium Access (attendee of TechEd 2006), there is no place I can download the article. DO you have the magic wand ?



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      Former Member
      Hi Hans,

      Thanks for pointing this out.  The URLs had changed without my knowledge...I have now corrected them.  The entire ULCM track from TechEd '06 can also be found at:

      If you attended SAP TechEd '06 Las Vegas, you should be able to find the presentation by logging in to the educational sessions handout page here:

      Best Regards,