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WHOThis blog is aimed squarely at ME! A SAP Enterprise Portal (Java) Developer but hopefully other developers will get something out of it. WHATI constantly forget stuff so this blog will act as a brain dump of things I am currently working on in the SAP Enterprise Portal:  • Java Programming for the SAP Portal – I’m new to Java so lots to learn. • Automated Functional Testing of the SAP Portal – This may sound boring but I get to use exciting fun tools like Ruby and Watir.  • Test Driven Development – I’m currently trying to figure out how to Unit Test portal apps. • .NET Integration – I have a Microsoft .NET background so feel the need to call back and forth between the SAP world and .NET WHYI’ve been blogging about the SAP Enterprise Portal on my personal blog just in ram and Craig Cmehil one of the SDN Community Evangelist somehow stumbled across it. Obviously too much spare time on his hands 😉  He suggested an SDN blog maybe just the place to post this type of stuff, so here I am.  WHENI’m going to TRY, I stress TRY to blog about this stuff once a week. My early posts will revolve around the Automated Functional Testing I have setup against the SAP Portal and the tools I’ve used (Ruby, Watir). HOWMost of my posts (apart from this one!) will be practical step by step guides on how to do something. Explained simply enough so I can reproduce the results when I come back to it in six months time having forgot everything. Hopefully that means you can follow along at home!
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