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In this weblog, I will be discussing, how to configure the embedded web pane (URL view) in MDM data manager. It provides an additional pane for viewing the web contents. This will help to find some additional details and attributes about the records in the data manger by specifying an URL (external/internal), by passing the data values or attributes from the record.

Detailed steps

Let us take the scenario of displaying the book details (from SAPPRESS website) of the selected record from the MDM Data Manager as a web pane in the Data Manager. I created a repository in MDM Data Console named ‘Book_Master’ with following fields:


Login to your MDM Data Manager by connecting to your repository ‘Book_Master’ and create few records for the table ‘Products’ like below:


Next step is to create web pane for the records. First configure the URL for the web pane in the MDM Data Console (first you need to unload the repository for creating the URLs). Expand your repository, click ‘Admin’ and then click ‘URLs’ to create the URL for the web pane view like below:



After saving the record type for the web pane URL view, you can see an additional tab named ‘Web’ in the data manager like blow:



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    1. Former Member Post author
      Which version of MDM are you using? You can not pass the record id for the web query. You can only pass the column name or field position.


  1. Former Member

    Hi,<br/>Thanks for the blog..I tried out both the options of writing the filedname and ID. Yet it doesnt seems to work.<br/>It tried <f: fieldID in the A2i_CM_fields> as well as what u suggeested.<br/>So, my URL looks like <br/><f: Roll><br/><br/>I am using 5.5 SP3 version.<br/>Please let me know.<br/><br/>Regards,<br/>Tanveer.<br/>


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