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Everything you wanted to know about Interactive Forms @ SDN Day″ width=”235″/> Motivated by SDN Days Sessions: Advertise Your Proposal! I am returning from blogging hibernation to get your feedback on Adobe’s submissions around Interactive Forms for SDN day. I am really looking forward to the SDN days in Las Vegas and Amsterdam to meet the SDN family again. Since Interactive Forms adoption has increased signifcantly this year (just see the number of posts on the Interactive Forms Forum) I encouraged the Adobe engineering team working on SAP integration to step forward and present at SDN day. This will be an excellent opportunity to talk with the guys who work daily with the technology. I was very pleased to see that a number of my colleagues submitted proposals. So here is a summary of the proposals Blair Powell, our resident Form Design Wizard, wants to share tips and tricks on forms design in SAP with the Adobe LiveCycle Designer. Blair has helped countless SAP teams in Walldorf, Bangalore and Palo Alto creating complex print and interactive form templates. If you have questions how to create complex tables, dynamic forms sections or pre-populate drop-down lists please let us know and Blair will present at SDN day in Las Vegas. Well if there is enough demand we even send him to Amsterdam. Les Woolsey, our SAP guru and lead of the Adobe SAP engagement team, has been working with computers when I was wearing diapers and has been the technical architect of the Adobe SAP partnership from day one. Les knows more about SAP Interactive Forms then everyone else and he would like to share with you tips and tricks on how to make your forms perform the best. With every release we continue to improve performance, but you can greatly improve performance if you follow some simple steps and Les’ advice. But you can also ask him about pretty much everything related to SAP and Adobe forms technologies at SDN day in Las Vegas and Amsterdam. Juergen Hauser , our man in Walldorf, with the Mission Impossible assignment to find all teams at SAP in Walldorf using forms is ready to share with you examples of SAP applications which use Interactive Forms. Learn how ERP, CRM or SRM use interactive PDF forms in the latest release and get inspired to implement your own custom interactive form project. Juergen will be at SDN day in Las Vegas and Amsterdam. Mohan Bethur, Web Services and Form Scripting genius can show you how to effectivly use Web Services calls from interactive PDF forms. While the novice user can use the basic functionality of the Web Services wizard in the Adobe LiveCycle Designer, Mohan will also talk about the capability to use JavaScript to initiate and manage Web Services calls for advanced control and security support. Did you know that SAP executives use interactive PDF forms to manage strategic planning across the organisation? Well Mohan is the brain behind the implementation of these complex form templates and you can meet him in Las Vegas. In case you are wondering why I am not presenting myself, well I have something special up my sleeves. During my blogging hibernation I worked on some cool new projects including Flex and Rich Internet Applications. But more about that soon.″ width=”235″/>

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      Former Member

      Are you going to have any sessions on how ADS works along with BW in 2004s?



      Author's profile photo Matthias Zeller
      Matthias Zeller
      Blog Post Author
      Hello Deepu,
      we did not plan to talk about that. Actually the usage of ADS by BW is pretty unique. Unlike other integrations which require the designer/developer to create a form template with the Adobe LiveCycle Designer, in BW the template is generated automatically by the BW software and transmitted with the data to ADS to render a PDF. We worked with the BW team so that they understand the ADS API, but for the end user of BW ADS is a black box.
      Do you plan to be at SDN day in Las Vegas or Amsterdam? You could talk with Les Woolsey or Juergen Hauser, both of them have worked on the integration with the BW team.
      If you want to learn how to configure and create the BW PDF reports I suggest you attend the TechEd session BIM253 (



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      Former Member
      Yes, I am planning to attend SDN days @ Vegas would like to know more about the Black Box 🙂
      Will get in touch with you then.

      Thanks for the info!