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BPS Retraction for Cost Center Accounting – III (Activities & Prices)

This third weblog describes you on how to retract Activities & Prices to Cost Center Accounting.

For creating Sender Structure, Planning Levels, packages, functions, parameter groups see the blogs

Important Pre-Requisities:

  • Check to see if the SAP Notes 909715, 957281 have been applied
  • For retractor to work correctly both Prices (0AMOUNT) and Capacity (0ACT_CAPACITY) should be available in the single record in infocube.
  • Price Unit is a must and specified as a constant in the sender structure.
  • Avoid including the Fiscal Year / Period (0FISCPER) in the planning Level characteristics. So that aggregation is done for all the periods. (If not retractor will run for each period and only last period is updated and all other period values are blank).

Changes reqd:

  1. Create a new Sender Structure ‘UPB_SND_ACTVTY_PRCS’
  2. image

  3. Create a new display rules passing capacity/Activities (0ACT_CAPACT) into 0ACT_CAPACT field and Prices (0AMOUNT) into 0PRICEFX and Price Unit as reqd (eg.,1,2).
  4. image

  5. In the planning level add Amount (0AMOUNT) & Capacity(0ACT_CAPACT) to the selected key figure


  6. Change the Parameter Group, pass ‘1’ (Activities/Prices)to Retractor Control and ‘UPB_SND_ACTVTY_PRCS’ to Sender Str.
  7. image

How to test:

  1. Select Planning Area –> Select Planning Level –> Select Package
  2. Select Planning Function –> Right click on Parameter Group and click on Execute with Trace

Check the retracted data in R/3-

  1. Run Tcode KP27-Display Activity Type/Price Planning
  2. Specify the Version, From Period, To Period, Fiscal Year, Cost Center, Activity Type
  3. Click on Overview / Period Screen
  4. Verify the retracted Capacity & Fixed price for the combination of Version, From Period, To Period, Fiscal Year, Cost Center, Activity Type.

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      Former Member
      my undestanding is very limited in the mapping or definig the rules between the sender and receiver structure. how do you identify that 0ACT_CAPACT and 0PRICEFX are the fields that loads the activity and price to the exact fields in R/3. This may sound silly, however i am trying to have clear undestanding. Is it related to the "receiver R/3 component" defined in the parameter group. i whould appreciate your explanation on this.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hello all,

      I want to retract data for activities/prices but do not even get a connection to R/3. I did everything as you described in your blog. But I only get an error message that says "Activity for special ledger is missing". Any ideas how to solve this problem?

      Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
      A. Kordulla

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi all the experts out there,

      I need to retract the Plan Price indicator, too - and I haven't found any hint as to how I could do this. Obviously there is no field in UPB_RET_COPS. Since this field is not filled, I assume that is the reason why the fields "Price (fixed)" and "Variable Price" are not filled, and "Price Unit" is set to '00001' even though I send '10000' from BW.

      Anybody out there who can help?

      Thanks in advance,

      Thomas Neugebauer-Spreng