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Visual Composer: Finding the Documentation

Now that Visual Composer has gone GA with SAP NetWeaver 2004s SP Stack 08, you can start using the modeling tool, which is installed automatically with the EP usage type. I’d like to tell you about the documentation set that is available for Visual Composer, and where you can find the various guides. First, right here in the Knowledge Center of the Visual Composer SDN you have the complete repository for Visual Composer documentation, downloadable in PDF format. Elsewhere, here are other sources of background documentation:

  • The Visual Composer Installation & Configuration Guide is available on SAP Service Marketplace at, under the Installation – Standalone Engines list.
  • The Administration of Visual Composer guide (TOM) is part of the overall Technical Operations Manual for SAP NetWeaver, available in SAP Library on Help Portal. You can find it in the Administrator’s Guide, in the Administration of SAP NetWeaver Systems –> EP (Enterprise Portal) section.
  • The Visual Composer Security Guide is part of the overall SAP NetWeaver Security Guide, available in SAP Library on Help Portal. You can find it in the Administrator’s Guide, in the Security Guides for SAP NetWeaver According to Usage Type –> Security Guide for Usage Type EP section.

For getting to work and modeling, you have two complementary guides:

  • The Visual Composer Modeler’s Guide, which describes the Storyboard desktop, provides getting-started examples, and explains the modeling logic and workflow. You can find the guide in SAP Library on Help Portal, in the SAP NetWeaver Developer’s Guide, in the Fundamentals section (where it’s called Modeling Applications with SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer).
  • The Visual Composer Reference Guide, which provides explanations of all the task panels, dialog boxes and items/strings in Visual Composer storyboard. You can download this manual as a PDF from the Visual Composer SDN page.

Finally, you should check the SAP Central Note, 919388, to keep up-to-date with the latest patches and release notes. In addition, check for new How-to Guides, tutorials and other documents that are now being made available through the Visual Composer SDN page. Check out the Design Phase of the Business Process Expert Page as well.

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        • Hi Malar,

          To use Adobe Flex, be sure to choose it as your runtime environment, using the Tools –> Options menu and in the Compiler tab, choosing Flash from the Runtime dropdown list. You then deploy it to the portal.

          Once you have deployed your model, it will be available in the Portal Content Directory in the Visual Composer folder.

          • Hi,

            Flex Builder 2.0 is not yet supported by Visual Composer. Stay up-to-date about Visual Composer on SDN and you will be informed which upcoming version does support it.

          • Hi,

            Visual Composer does not currently support Flex 2.0. Keep an eye on the Visual Composer page in SDN to find out which upcoming version of Visual Composer WILL support it.