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You’ll Never Eat Alone at the SDN Day

In Never Eat Alone Keith Ferrazi shares his secret for success:


Over time, I came to see reaching out to people as a way to make a difference in people’s lives, as well as a way to explore and learn and enrich my own; it became the conscious construction of my life’s path… I didn’t think of it as cold and impersonal, the way I thought of “networking.” I was, instead, connecting – sharing my knowledge and resources, time and energy, friends and associates, and empathy and compassion in a continual effort to provide value to others, while coincidentally increasing my own. Like business itself, being a connector is not about managing transactions, but of managing relationships…

I highlighted the middle part to stress what for me is the essence of the SDN Day: Connecting with your fellow SDNers and sharing your knowledge, time and energy to provide value to others, while coincidentally increasing your own.

What are we doing to enable such an effort? In the morning we have 3-4 sessions of power networking, where for 20 minutes you have the chance to connect with 5 of your fellow SDNers. You may share your background, your latest challenges, what you hope to learn during the SDN Day as well as during TechEd. You get to know 15 to 20 new SDNers in your field on a pretty good level and you have the opportunity to expand that throughout TechEd.

After these sessions you can decide whether you want to spend the rest of the day to explore the SAP Discovery system (description of what will be done during that 6 hour workshop will come soon in form of a blog post) or you take part and present breakout sessions birds of the feather … of/for your fellow SDNers.

We are convinced that from the morning power networking that certain themes will pop up, that people would like to discuss in more detail. We will have slots that you can fill and smaller groups setup for on the spot Birds of a Feather sessions with network connection to show things if needed.

After these hopefully intense sessions we will do a wrap up and ease into the evening which for Las Vegas will be the Hofbrauhaus. A big hall with benches and the opportunity to mingle and connect further with the SDNers that you had the chance to get to know during the day.

Clearly you will never eat alone during the SDN Day, unless of course you are in introvert and don’t want to be disturbed during your meals.

In a time of accelerating change where the only constant it seams is change and of course SAP 😉 the strength of your network is getting more important there is no better way to do that in the SAP field than during the SDN Day. Sign up now: Las Vegas or    Amsterdam . (Bangalore to follow soon.)

As a token of our appreciation if you contributed 500 points to SDN since the last TechEd you get a free registration to the SDN Day. As we said above it is about sharing your knowledge and resources. If you know already what you want to present please suggest a session. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Short introduction to the problem space, suggested or found solution and facilitation of the discussion around alternative solutions and next steps is one possible structure.   via this webform. Presenters of accepted sessions get a free registration too.

Looking forward to see and connect and eat with you all at the SDN Day.

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      Former Member
      When Oracle was about to devour PeopleSoft, some of the PSFT folks called-in Keith Ferrazi to give a standing-room-only crowd a quick tutorial of his philosophies espoused in "Never Eat Alone." 

      We all then gathered personal emails and contact info, set-up monthly times to get together, and vowed to stay in touch after the axe fell. 

      I'm happy to report that many of us have stayed in touch.  My old team has its own Yahoo Group where we share news of where people have landed, who's been married (or divorced), job opportunities, etc. 

      My boss's team and a handful of others still gets together 1.5 years later for breakfast ("Eat" is a keyword in the title) and info sharing.  In fact the next one is this Saturday. 

      Networking is an amazing thing.  We all have something to share with each other... whether it's a job lead, a bit of personal advice, or simply encouragement.  Making personal connections, and helping each other during tough times, and celebrating good times is all part of the deal. 

      I hope to make some of those personal connections at SDN Day and throughout TechEd.  I look forward to seeing members of the community in Las Vegas (and Bangalore and Amsterdam). 

      Let's eat. 

      Mark Y.