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“Yeah…. I’m Lovin’ it” (also features the Trick # 420)″ width=”235″/>“I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.”Jack London Couple of years back, I was someone who didnt even know that SDN existed. At that time being a newbie into the world of SAP, i tumbled onto SDN when someone told me it was here where I could find answers to the loads of questions I used to pour upon my senior colleagues . Today ‘one’ of the first things [I would be lying if I said “I open SDN even before my mailbox” image] I do when I log on to my computer in the morning is to click open the SDN home page from my favorites list and start browsing through its pages. I still remember the day I had to put my first blog in SDN. Now you might wonder why is the ‘had’ in bold. Well, actually I was asked to do so and it really wasnt me who took up that initiative due to my work schedule. Well on the personal front, I still believe that the drive to contribute to SDN or any other such portal is purely on an individual’s interest and should not be enforced upon on him/her by any organisation. The reason is simple … ‘Force is all-conquering, but its victories are short-lived’ … So in short I don’t think that it can bring out Quality posts and the day the force withdraws members feel they belong to the community rather than being forced into the community. Well I hope the point is taken, So lets close this topic right here. I dont know if Craig remembers, but then it was a long conversation with him over mails that actually won me a Bloggers id after my request was rejected almost 3-4 times in succession (I still have those series of mails in my mailboximage). Thanks Craig !!!! I hope you dont feel you made a bad decision that day. imageMy colleagues joke whenever they see me putting a post on the forum or a blog (I wonder what would be Mike’s colleagues doing then image). Some try to scare me saying “Guess what ShabZ … the SDN site is down today” and others warn me that my girlfriend might dump me if I spent all day peeking into the forum. The IPod and the T-shirts from SDN I flaunted didnt seem to make much of a difference until the day I asked them to try a search for shabarish in Google. Thank you SDN for that !!!! (Its a great feeling to see one’s profile as the first hit in a search @ Google) Have you ever wondered what is it that makes you contribute to SDN ? For me the answer is ‘Satisfaction’. When somebody mails you and says “Hey Thanks buddy, finally now it works. I was stuck with this since the past couple of days“, its that flummoxing feeling (i think i just didnt find the right words to explain it) that you get which brightens up your day. I was even recently invited for a couple of beers over the weekend by a SDNer, who happened to be working in the same town as mine, for he felt my posts helped him. People call up on phone at times and I even remember doing an online support that lasted over an hour with my cell phone hooked to the charger. At times I wonder that when in office I take up such calls and start talking XI, my manager might have this feeling at the back of his head, “This guy is giving an Interview? That too right here in front of me” !!!! (Well, but still nothing is as commendable as the What the Bride Wore…or the Tale of the T- Shirt Challenge that Sravya received during her Honeymoon). It is the vice versa too … numerous times I have been stuck for days (the recent one being a ‘Close Encounters’ with the Rosettanet STK scenario) and finally when the solution surface with a fellow SDNers help, you feel that “Hmmm.. Yes there still are good people left in this world”. Whatever people might argue, its not the points nor the beer image … its finally the dependability SDN provides that makes this portal a success day after day. Dalai Lama once said “Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality” and yes we already have legends in SDN; Thomas Jung, Rich Heilman, A.H.P, Eddy De Clercq, Michal Krawczyk, Bhanu Gupta, Durairaj Athavan Raja, Roberto Negro, Craig Cmehil and Detlev Beutner (all 10 are 10K+ point winners) shaping the community each day. Trying (hard!!!) to make my place in here; as I recollect each moment in this e-family of SAP …. I can’t help but say “Yeah…. I’m Lovin’ it” and it will remain the same for the days to come … image *McDonald’s might come hard on me for that stolen caption
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  • Hi ShaBz,

    Well said…You are more than 100% true when u r saying the words,

    [b]’Force is all-conquering, but its victories are short-lived’ … So in short I don’t think that it can bring out Quality posts and the day the force withdraws members feel they belong to the community rather than being forced into the community [/b]

    Prasad U

    • nice one mate…i too had tough time convincing marilyn ( finally accepted as junior blogeer) and guess what it’s real cool feeling being part of this community and get ur blog published!!
      • Hey guys, I didn’t invent the “junior” status, and even if I have some responsibility in rejections and acceptances (my name somehow appears on the rejection form letter always, whether I sent it or not 🙂 ), I just want to put a pitch in there for the benefits of “junior” status.
        The idea is that when you are accepted as a blogger on SDN or BPX, you get a little extra help, at least for the first couple of blogs, from the SDN collaboration team.  We WANT you to be autonomous and independent as quickly as possible and so we give a little guidance in the beginning to make sure that:
        1) your content is in the best format possible
        2) you don’t get eaten up alive by the community with less patience for newbies
        3) we develop a trust relationship so that both sides know well enough when a blogger departs from “traditional” format they will still be supplying content that an audience wants to read.

        This is a professional website and we maintain a professional demeanor and encourage all our participants to do so.  That means having rules that may be a little stricter than some of the other blogging environments that you may be used to.  We don’t censor, but we do want to ensure that our readers are getting content that informs, instructs, helps, and even entertains.
        When it doesn’t…believe me, we hear about that too!
        Thanks for your understanding and your excellent participation.
        And for anyone wanting to see a brief tutorial about how to become a blogger, check out the elearning files here:
        Happy Blogging!

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  • Well, Mike … i guess we all need some light moments in life other than the ‘technical details’ running thru our nerves all time .. and hence this blog 🙂

    Prasad, Nice to know someone agrees with my thoughts !!!!

      • what would be our Matrix without the SDN and the XI forum >>> i too wonder at times … Seriously i have won more friends via SDN in such a short span of time … and as wider the web gets, its both ‘profitable’ for either side. 🙂
        • for me the best thing is that
          SDN is not closed (for one technology)

          there are so many of them (XI, EP, BI, JAVA, ABAP, MI, MDM, xAPPS even…BPX ) and everyone can find something for him/herself

          so we can even get more friends hehe 🙂


  • Nice to know that I am not the only one who is hooked to SDN and had to convince Craig for a blogger ID..
    Luckily for me, it was rejected only once..!! 🙂