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What is RICEF?

What is RICEF? This is not an interview question!


You can see RICEF acronym, when you look at the most SAP ABAP Developer job position descriptions; and you can sometimes encounter RICE version of it. So what does RICEF stand for?


Firstly let’s look at some SAP job posting examples:

  • Able to scope, review, and create SD RICEF
  • MM RICEF Functional Spec Exp…
  • Must have experience supervising a team and writing RICEF
  • Must be very proficient in all aspects of RICEF developments…
  • Interact with business users to analyze the requirements and technical desings of the RICEF objects…
  • Develops functional specifications for RICEF technical objects affecting respective business processes…


RICEF is not a standard SAP acronym! Is there anyone knows who made RICEF acronym firstly?


All right, RICEF stands for Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms.


R – Reports

R refers report programming. Of course, firstly classical report programming, WRITE statement; then it means ALV programming with either ALV function modules or ABAP objects.


I – Interfaces

Interfaces are ALE / IDOC developments. Not only development, ABAP programming for IDOCs, also IDOC customization, management. I think it might refers EDI too.


C – Conversion

I think conversions means BDC programming, batch input function modules, BDCDATA structure, CALL TRANSACTION. Maybe conversion specifically refers conversion programs for standard batch input programs. Even we can say it refers LSMW.


E – Enhancements

Enhancements are user-exits and the object oriented model of user-exits that is BADIs.


F – Forms

Forms are SAPscript forms, SAPscript print programs, and SmartForms.

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    • Hi Rob,

      For your question related ‘Isn’t this jargon of Accenture?’

      Its not,  but as per my understanding it covers all the areas (RICEFW) where abaper works in Accenture.



  • Yes waychal , you are right , some companies say RICEFW it is depend on the naming convention and standard used by that particular company.

    RICEF –>> R- Means reports     I-means Interfaces     C-means Conversions    E-Enhancements    F-forms.

    RICEFW ->>   R- Means reports     I-means Interfaces     C-means Conversions    E-Enhancements    F-forms   W-Workflow.

    If you are working on the reports , your object name may be   RDD001  , RDD002, RDD003  ,    ………………

    If you have got the requirement to develop smart forms or scripts., your object name may be   FDD001, FDD002, FDD003,  …………

    similar way for interface ., IDD001,IDD002,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    for conversion CDD001, CDD002 ,,,,,,,,,,,,

    for Enhancement EDD001, EDD002,EDD03,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    for smart forms or scripts    FDD001, FDD002,,,,,,,

    again I want to say that whatever naming convention I have explained ,it is change company to company according to their naming standards.





  • How about a custom program or a tool that automates a process that’s a combination of standard transactions? – For example – Custom program that creates delivery & shipment from Sales order. Or a program that has selection screen & posts/updates transaction data but not using BDC, IDoc.. but using standard function modules..

    Where this kind of custom transactions fall under? Report or Interface or Enhancement or we need a new hybrid category…?