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Are you going to TechEd for free?

Mark has posted about, Marilyn together with some folks on our TechEd team put a lot of work into getting the page together, not to mention all the work going on to ensure that the SDN Day at TechEd ’06 is a huge success, but have you see this page?  Actually I know some people have because they emailed me to tell me I had their point totals wrong – what I don’t think I told anybody about was that the number in () after your name is how many points you need to reach 500 and thus get a free ticket to the SDN Day!  Now some people are only 4 points away while others are 400 points away but you still have 1 month to go! In fact this month you receive Double Points for content related to the topic of the month not to mention the TechEd and more Points! that I’ve mentioned before.  So you have plenty of chances to get there, please remember to register now and submit your sessions for the SDN Day!  Also don’t forget to tell us Coming to SDN Day “Las Vegas”?!!

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      Former Member
      Hi Craig,
      even though I need a zillion more (>475) points to go to the TechEd for free, I was wondering why I cannot find myself in the list at all.
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      Former Member
      Hi Martin,

      Each week I get a list of users and their point totals (so what I put up online is a week off) but my list only goes down so far and sometimes a name or two is not yet on the list 🙁

      Also we go by points since last contest for TechEd and SDN Day - so if your 25 or so points where from last year before TechEd '05 then you need > 500 for SDN Day and > 5000 for 50% off TechEd and > 10000 for 100% TechEd.

      This is not impossible you know:

      Answering quesitons in the forums
      Writing Weblogs, Articles, HowTo Guides, etc.
      Submiting Audio/Video content as Podcast or Video Blogs
      Submitting code samples

      Really easy ways:

      Join the SDN World and get 25 points (points will be posted shortly before the contest end on July 28th)

      Submit a Community Story,

      Participate in one of the various contests that are currently being held:

      Are you going to TechEd for free?
      TechEd and more Points!


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      Christopher Solomon
      Oh wow...gee great....more incentive for people to post totally useless information and/or cut-n-paste from other authors. (*sarcasm*). Sorry….I know the intent for points and such is good, but it has become one of my number one peeves with the forums here. There are TONS of people that just post (without actually reading the questions in detail more often than not) simply to BEG for points. Worse yet, some will just go find a similar past question and cut-n-paste the answer without noting the original author/respondee/source or adding any additional input of their own! My second peeve is all the posters that will spam a thread with “send the doc/info to me too at email” which many times are requests for copywritten/protected material from SAP ( for instance) themselves!!!....but that’s another issue. Anyways…..I would love to go to SDN day for free, but I am not “points-whoring” for it. Just my $0.02….USD by the way. (haha).
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      Former Member
      It seems to be a topic that will never go away 🙁 yes this does not help that part of it but in the grand scheme of things we are all looking (hopefully) to help each other, and those out there "points whoring" as it seems to becoming known as should just be ignored, as you can see in another comment there are so many ways to earn honest points here that those "begging" in the forums cna be simply ignored, however if you see and I've mentioned this before but no one took me up on the offer - if you see a continued pattern of certain users not rewarding points then track and let me know and I will contact them - perhaps it's just a lack of understanding concerning giving points.