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Apply Support Packages to the SDN ABAP-AS Sneak Preview

With the release of SP8 for Netweaver04S, many people are wanting to get their hands on newer support package level systems. I know a lot of people who downloaded the SDN ABAP sneak preview system are thinking about trying the support package application process. Here is a video blog that might help out.

You see I have the sneak preview system (exactly the same as what developers can download from SDN) installed on my laptop. I keep it up to date with the latest support package level. You will find that around Web Dynpro ABAP there are some nice new features in the latest support package levels. For instance SP8 comes with the new context and view debugger.

But the process of putting on a support package might seem a little overwhelming if you have never given it a try. Afterall this is generally a Basis task. Don’t feel bad if you have never had the opportunity to do this.

Although there is good documentation available on the Service Marketplace, I thought it might be helpful if you could also “watch” someone do an update before trying it yourself. Early last week I went through the process of updating my system from SP7 to SP8. I recorded the process from end to end and it is now available on SDN for viewing:

Checking Requirements
The first video shows how to check your current SP level, Kernel Level, and SPAM tool level. We also see how to check to make sure you have enough free space in your database to import the support packages.

Downloading the Patches
In this video, I show you where on the Service Marketplace to go to download all the necessary files to perform the update.

Kernel Copy
In this video we start by unpacking all the files we just downloaded. We then walk through the process to perform a Kernel Upgrade.

SPAM Import
In this final video we will do the main part of the SP application using the SPAM tool. It will also discuss Modification Adjustment and SGEN.

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  • Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for this blog and the videos, they’re very useful. I’ll try them on my NSP system.

    It seems the Kernel Copy video link is broken.


  • Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for a very useful blog. It really would be great if someone could post a similar weblog for upgrading the NW04s Java server to SP8. There are so manu SCA files available with NW04s, that it is not clear which one are required.


  • Hi Thomas,

    I managed to install kernel, SPAM and Basis SPs.

    However I have a strange problem. In the SAPMMC the dispatcher is yellow and shows message “Running but Dialog Queue info unavailable”. I found OSS note 72248 point 5. about the same error and set “rdisp/elem_per_queue”, however the problem still exists. Just for sure I downloaded the SAP MMC package and applied it without any luck.
    My NSP runs without any problem, it starts and I can logon without any problem, so it’s not really a problem.

    Does anyone had the same problem? Any idea?

    I also noticed, that I have no ICM node in SAP MMC, although it’s shown in the video (it might be because you have other SAP stuffs installed in your machine).


    • Well I can’t say that I have ever ran into the Dialog Queue problem, but perhaps I can help out with the ICM Node. There is a SAR file that unpacks as part of the Kernel – icmadmin.SAR.  If you just unpack the kernel an copy it over, it isn’t enough to activate the ICM Admin Tool (used within the MMC). Have a look at the following help link for steps to setup the ICM Admin:
          • I always unpack the ICMAdmin SAR as part of a system build, so I had assumed that this was what added the ICM Option to the SAPMMC.  You experience may prove otherwise.  Perhaps someone who has not done the ICMAdmin steps could chime in as to what they see. 

            The lack of the ICM option combined with your other problem, may indicate that there is a larger problem with your MMC installation, but I haven’t been able to find any notes that sound promising.

            What version of Microsoft Management Console are you running?  I have version 2.0 for XPSP2. When I right mouse click on SAP Systems and choose Version Info I get the following for the SnapIn itself:
            MMC SnapIn:
            C:\WINDOWS\system32\sapmmc.dll: 700, patch 52, changelist 821971, optU, NTintel, 2006 04 04 23:47:44
            C:\WINDOWS\system32\sapmmcada.dll: 700, patch 52, changelist 821971, optU, NTintel, 2006 04 04 23:49:11
            C:\WINDOWS\system32\sapmmcdb6.dll: 700, patch 52, changelist 821971, optU, NTintel, 2006 04 04 23:50:15
            C:\WINDOWS\system32\sapmmcinf.dll: 700, patch 52, changelist 821971, optU, NTintel, 2006 04 04 23:48:49
            C:\WINDOWS\system32\sapmmcms.dll: 700, patch 52, changelist 8

          • Thanks for your help. I think this is the problem.

            Mine shows the following:
            MMC SnapIn:
            C:\WINDOWS\system32\sapmmc.dll: 700, patch 9, changelist 756683, opt, NTintel, 2005 06 07 23:53:29
            C:\WINDOWS\system32\sapmmcada.dll: 700, patch 9, changelist 756683, opt, NTintel, 2005 06 07 23:55:40
            C:\WINDOWS\system32\sapmmcdb6.dll: 700, patch 9, changelist 756683, opt, NTintel, 2005 06 07 23:57:20
            C:\WINDOWS\system32\sapmmcinf.dll: 700, patch 9, changelist 756683, opt, NTintel, 2005 06 07 23:55:04
            C:\WINDOWS\system32\sapmmcms.dll: 700, patch 9, changelist 756683, opt, NTintel, 2005 06 07 23:54:05

            Although I downloaded sapmmc_3-20000961.SAR, it contains only the following files:
            x sapevents.dll
            x sapmmc.chm
            x sapmmc.dll

            At least I could copy the latest version of sapmmc.dll to system32, and the version is now:
            C:\WINDOWS\system32\sapmmc.dll: 700, patch 51, changelist 819867, opt, NTintel, 2006 03 26 23:47:04

            However I just cannot find the place in the marketplace to get the other sapmmc*.dll files.
            Any idea?

          • The other files look DBMS specific. ADA – I assume stands for Adabas – the old name for MaxDB. The abreviation is ADA still sticks around in some config files.  DB6 would be IBM DB2.  And INF I assume is Informix. 

            I wouldn’t think, since these are DB specific, that they would be causing you the problem you describe.

    • Hello,

      I had this problem when upgrading the kernel for solution manager, and just commented out the parameter “rdisp/elem_per_queue” in the instance profile. It did not exist in any of my other instances. Once commented out restarted the services and dispatcher was green again.


  • Hi Thomas

    Your first video in this series mentions the Database Manager GUI.  I don’t seem to have this installed – where do you get it from?


  • this video presentation on How to apply SPs is very detailed and informative. This is like applying support packs for Dummies. Our team (who are new to Basis) appreciated it.
  • Hi Jung, this is Raghu wroking in IBM, INDIA. as Jr Basis Admin,  It is really wonderful and very very informative, thank you very much.

    Thank you SDN .

    • During the migration process problems have been reported for this blog. The blog content may look corrupt due to not supported HTML code on this platform. Please adjust the blog content manually before moving it to an official community.
    • UC stands for Unicode and NUC is for Non-Unicode.  It sounds like you are not using a ABAP-AS Sneak Preview system.  Remember that these videos are specific to the sneak preview which is Non-Unicode only.  You can check from System->Status in your system if you are configured for Unicode or not – but if you haven’t installed the central instance yet you won’t be able to check.  If you haven’t installed the central instance yet, you must still be in the middle of the installation.
  • Hi,

    is there any way to download the video files?
    I have got a very slow internet connection and it’s impossible to watch the video fluently.

    Thanx & best regard,

    • I’m afraid that the videos are not offered as downloadable.  I don’t really have any control over how the content is offered on SDN.  I would suggest that you use the SDN Suggestions forum to voice your desire to the people who can control such a thing.


  • hello sir,

    i havs seen your video its really good stuff & also helpful.sir, i ma working on sap4.7 version .thus these kernal,spam,abap upgrades procedure is same in sap4.7 too .pls help