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BPS Retraction for Cost Center Accounting – I

When I first started working on retraction in BPS, there was less help available for configuring retractor initially and after experiencing several difficulties and issues while configuring Cost Center Retractor in BPS I thought of writing this series of weblogs that would explain how to do Cost Center accounting (Primary costs, Activities/prices) BPS retraction in detail. This weblog will give an idea on retractor configuration for the beginners.

In this series of Cost Center Accounting (CCA) retraction weblogs first I would explain necessary initial configuration & creating sender structure for CCA Retraction.

Retraction– Transfer of plan data from the SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) into SAP R/3 System.

Steps in Sequence

1. Add the following entries in the table UPB_RETRACT or UPBR_RETRACT using SE11–> Utilities –> Table Contents –> Create Entries. Get the required authorization access for populating data into table


&nbsp &nbsp   image
&nbsp &nbsp  

3. Now create Rules using Transfer rules.

  • Run T-Code UPB_RULE or UPB_STRUCT –> select Environment –> Transfer Rules.
  • Specify the sender structure ( UPB_SND_COPS ) created earlier and click on change button.

&nbsp &nbsp   image

4. Click on ‘Create Proposal for rule’ to automatically map Receiver field with Sender field available. Delete or add or shift necessary field mapping.

&nbsp &nbsp   image

5. Use Constant column for passing constant values (USD/EA/HR etc)

6. For mapping Amount or Quantity fields,

  1. Specify the fields in single quotes under formula column
  2. SUM(use drop down) in Total Op Column
  3. select the check box for overwrite
  4. click on SAVE button


Now you have the sender structure created to be used in retractor.

In my next blog I would explain in detail on how to use /configure standard retractor in planning function

PS. Sincere thanks to Marc Bernard,Riccardo Venturini, Hans for helping me in configuring initially

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Praveen,
      Thanks for create this blog, it's so much usefull.

      I have a problem: I'm using an Integrated planning scenario, in wich I'm not using a planning area, and when I go to find the send strucutre at the dictionary structure, I do not find anything.

      Please, can you help me with these??

      Thanks in advance
      Inge Eichhorns

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I have followed this guide to retract Project Syatem plan data to R/3. It is very helpful. But, I am able to retract only object currency values. I want to retract transaction currency amounts also. I have mapped '0currency' and '0amount' fields in UPBR_RULE. Am I missing anything here?

      Srinivas Kamireddy.

      Author's profile photo Vikram Bagade
      Vikram Bagade
      Hello Srinivas,

      Can you please let me know the steps (and the function modules) you followed to configure the retraction for project systems.

      Awaiting your reply.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Dear Praveen,

      actually I have a BI-Planning project. There ist a SAP ERP and a SAP NW BI 7.0-System involved and I have to do some retraction of CCA- and PCA-Planning.

      Now I try to rebuild the model you described in your blog. First question I have: Where do I build up that model? On BI or on the ERP?
      I found the table UPBR_RETRACT on the BI 7.0-system an the table UPB_RETRACT on the ERP-system.

      But the main problem is, that i can´t find the dictionary-structures /1SEM/_YS_CHAS* and /1SEM/_YS_KYFS* on my systems. How are they named in a BI 7.0-System?

      Thank you for every hint, you can give me.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Before off all, many thanks for this usefull blog.

      I need to retract partner company code to R3. But i do not find this field on UPB_SND_COPS structure.

      Do you know if there is a way to do this?

      Best regards,

      Vitor Ramalho

      Author's profile photo Project ERP Project ERP
      Project ERP Project ERP

      Dear Praveen,

      Your posts have been very usefull !

      But now I'm stuck with a problem.

      I need to send a new field to ERP using the BPS retraction for CC Accounting.

      How can I do it?

      I already have my new filed in the BW side and also in the Aggregation Level.

      I have assigned this new field to an existing field in UPB_SND_COPS (sender structure).

      What do I need to change in the receiver side in order to finish the configuration ?

      Many Thanks,