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Well-Deserved Free Ticket to the SAP TechEd of Your Choice

If you contributed to SDN since last TechEd and have earned 10,000 points or more in that timeframe, you have just earned a free ticket to the SAP TechEd ’06 of your choice. To check your status you can go to the Top Contributor List. In the Top Contributor list the tab is called ‘Points Since Last Contest’. Our calculation always runs from the last TechEd, and we should change the text there soon. Independent of the text, if you contributed 10,000 points or more in that timeframe, you’ve earned a free ticket to the SAP TechEd ’06 of your choice.

If you have earned 5,000 points we foot half of the admission price. We all want to meet you and thank you personally for all your great contributions. If you can’t come to any of these, we have some cool prizes that help you stay connected too.

SDNers that manage to contribute 10K points in less than a full year of participation are for me like Triathlon SDN contributors.

As of today there are only three to have done so: 
A.H.P (Edwin) 18713
Rich Heilman  14352
Bhanu Gupta 10896

Rich and Bhanu have signed up for Las Vegas already, Edwin is still on the fence, as to whether to attend and to which one to attend.

Then we have the 5K Marthon SDN contributors:

Vijay Babu Dudla 9672
Thomas Jung 9331
Durairaj Athavan Raja 8858
Eddy De Clercq 8160
Michal Krawczyk 7356
Ravikumar Allampallam 7312
Dinesh Lalchand 6558
Craig Cmehil 6278
Detlev Beutner 6258
Amit Mittal 6174
Roberto Negro 6084
Kartik Iyengar 5923
Srinivas Adavi 5520
Eugene Khusainov 5278
Sat 5272

All of these get 50% off the admission price of the TechEd of their choice.

imageimageNow there are some of us that have a pointy-haired  boss that doesn’t understand the importance of getting your SAP batteries recharged at TechEd and even with free / half off tickets still can’t go to TechEd.

For these poor folks we have some prizes to keep them connected. 10Ks get a Netgear Wifi Skype phone with which you can make free Skype calls from every Wifi hot spot. The 5Ks get the Polycom Commander USP personal Speakerphone which helps you make clear VOIP calls from your PC.

If you manage to get over 500 points within the last year you get free admission to the SDN Day at TechEd (as long as there is room).

For the Triathlon SDNers, 500 points is just a sprint. A.H.P constantly collects over 2,000 points a month. So you too can reach at least the 500 points mark until the cut-off date which is the 28th of July 12 o’clock Pacific Standard Time. (This cut-off date is the same for all TechEds.)

So exactly 30 days left for you to cross one of the finish lines: 500 for a free SDN day (as long as there is room), 5000 for the 1/2 off TechEd ticket or even 10,000 for a free ticket to the SAP TechEd of your choice.

If you are getting a free or reduced ticket, we will send you an email with the access code within the next days.

As we did last year the top three contributors per development area will also get a pin and a voucher for the SAP shop. The details will be shared in a separate blog post.

See you all at TechEd.

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      Author's profile photo Michal Krawczyk
      Michal Krawczyk
      Hi Mark,

      this is really great news :))

      Thank you 🙂


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hey everyone - don't you think it would be a good idea for Mark to give me one of the WiFi Skype phones - you know to test it's quality and how it works and respond back to the community?

      I mean everyone will of course take the free ticket but if for some reason there is a problem it would be good to first have a review of the prize right?

      - Everyone should tell Mark to let Craig have one of the phones for a hmm..err... an extended test - yeah that sounds good and extended test 🙂

      Have a great weekend everyone!