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Portal Customizations Intro – Login Part 1

You can see still lots of sometimes simple and of course some harder questions about Customization of the Netweaver Portal in the forum. So I thought that would be a very good start for me so give you a jumpstart here in the SDN blogosphere. Right now I have ideas for 4 topics, which I will publish in the next couple of weeks:

I will explain the steps involved for each element and have also a FAQ section at the end. In this topic you will see what steps are involved when you want to change the Logon page. I have splitted it into 3 parts because you can do a lot of things and also a lot of mistakes, so I explained it in detail. The login page is part of the par file with the name

1) Copy the file with the above name from the following location (EP6 SP9 and higher). It has the additional ending “>\j2eeclusterserver

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  • Hi Kai, thanks for this blog!!! When do you expect to write the remaining ones? This really helps me with changing the layout to my own style!

    Great work!

  • Hi Kai,

    I have only .par.bak in my portal. Can I use this back up file instead of .par file?

    When I imported back up file to NWDS and go throuht file but couldn't found .jar?


    • HiKanok-on,

      the .par.bak is the required par file.
      The portal is putting the par file in the file-system  with the appendix .bak (backup) as a marker, that the file is already deployed.

      You need to copy (drag and drop) manually the JAR files from the par file (open it with a ZIP program). If you import the PAR file, it will not take the JARs for some reason....


  • I was able to get into the umelogonbase.jar and find the strings to change the welcome text... however, when I zip it back up and rename it to .jar again.. and then place it in the /lib folder.. recompile and export the par... import it into the portal, I keep getting a runtime error.  If I place the original .jar back in the /lib and do the process once again, the page renders correctly... Am I missing something here?

    Please advise,


  • Hi,
    Customization is working fine but the images are coming as cross. What can be wrong? I didnot touch the screen just followed the steps. While deploying I kept the new par file in \usr\sap\Dev\JC00\j2ee\cluster\server1\apps\\irj\servlet_jsp\irj\root\WEB-INF\deployment\temp
    and started J2ee and portal.So, what needs to be done to correct the images?