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There is a german saying that a man has to do three things. Build a house, get a child,  plant a tree. These days I’ve come near this. I’ve bought a house (and moved into it),  I cut a tree (and will cut some more to get space to plant a new one, my wife loves magnolias), and my second child will arrive late july. But I wonder what this proverb would be translated  into the modern IT world: Setup a server, develop an application, write a book?

Well, I haven’t really set up a server (if you don’t count the SAP Sneak preview editions) but  I wrote quite a lot of applications (and when I’m at a customer and they are starting my programs  I still wonder why they don’t dump each time) and I’ve spent the time and wrote a book. Yes, another one of those books that came out of SDN blogs. You can find it here.

Up to now this book is only available in German but maybe there are enough readers who  buy this book so that they decide to publish it in English. If you’re interested in it you could  let SAP press know it so they have more reason to do it.

Anyway what’s the book about? Even if you don’t speak German it should come to no surprise that  this book is about ABAP programming in the BI (or BW). While it cannot explain every single exit  I’ve tried to explain all the exits and BAdIs that are used most frequently. I’ve tried to put the  focus not at the interface but at the ‘whole picture’, i.e. I explain when to use the exit and  (maybe even more important) when not to use the exit. I also tried to provide some patterns and  lots of examples to show you typical and original uses of ABAP in the BI.

If you start with NetWeaver 2004s you might be happy to find a complete description of the new  exits in the transformation and a short description of the DTP and why it helps developers.

If you have lots of Excel hierarchies you find an extended example of how to translate Excel  hierarchies into BW sorted hierarchies. All in all it’s 120 pages full of my whole experience of  BW consulting that shall help you get the optimum out of your BI.

Anyway I promised a contest in the header. Now that I have some more time to look at SDN again I  found out that there are very few BI blogs compared to XI, Java, CAF, BPX, PHP, etc. It seems to me that BI consultants have so much work to do that they don’t have the time to do blogs (me included).

So I’ll offer a copy of my book (in German – I will also send you an English copy when it appears if you need it)  to the best blog that describes anything you’ve done with an ABAP in BW. Choose any user exit or  BAdI you like and write a blog about what you’ve done with it. I’ll read them all and choose a winner. Maybe I can talk Craig into handing out some extra points or transfer some of my points too.

I’ll set the deadline to July 31st so that you all have enough time to write something useful. Let  your blog title start with BI ABAP so that I’ll find you more easily.

I hope you see more of my blogs soon, I have lots of ideas what to blog about.

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  1. Former Member
    Great to hear Dirk! Congrats on the book and I’ll throw out 50 bonus to the top 5 blogs (that’s on top of what you get for the blogs) that Dirk tells he’s reviewed. And another 100 to the winner!


  2. Hi Dirk !
    Nice to see you with such amazing news (child/house/book…(is this THE order, right?)
    I hope your contest will generate good stuff from (and mainly FOR) our BI people.
    Let me know when your book will be available in english language, so I can take a copy (with your dedication and autograph, clearly!)…

    (I’m sorry, but I have no possibility (and time) to contribute to the ABAP contest…maybe a day I will come back here “at full capacity”!

    All the best,

    1. Former Member

      Hope to see many BI guys taking part in contest…

      And very happy to hear

      “I hope you see more of my blogs soon, I have lots of ideas what to blog about” from Dirk

      “maybe a day I will come back here “at full capacity”!” from Roberto. BI forum is definitely missing your presence.

      Hope to see many blogs coming up in BI also.


  3. Former Member
    Congratulations for your achievements. house/book
    It would be nice to see some blogs on this topic. One small question, As Nw2004sBI accepts Only ABAP objects only.   so can we expect any changes to what we can learn through this book or is it still upto date for programming in NW2004s BI??

    with regards

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Ashwin,
      first of all NW2004s still accepts the old update and transfer rules you know from BW 3.X. But you’re right, the new transformation generates classes and methods. And the new transformation methods are already explained in my book. So it’s up to date for NW2004s.

      Best regards

  4. Former Member
    Hello Dirk, Craig,

    I have completed several ABAP extensions to BW and I want to enter 1 of them in your SDN contest.  Unfortunately I do not have time to enter all of them.  Some of these would be better as white papers!  Which one of the following appeals to you most?

    By the way, I did a search on SDN and I do not (yet) see any weblogs with “BI ABAP”!

    1. Web Report Feature – Query Element Documentation

    Very complex.  Assist users to understand their own data by adding a blurb of documentation on your web report that describes the specific query element.  For example, in an HR headcount query the web report shows a few boxes of documentation on the characteristics Employee, Employee Group and the key figure Headcount FTE.

    2. Web Report Feature – Query/View Documentation

    Medium complexity.  Assist users to understand their own data by adding a blurb of documentation on your web report that describes the query/view.  For example, on an HR headcount query the web report has a box that reads “This query shows the number of active employees and is filtered by plant Z100”.

    3. Web Report Feature – Toggle elements on/off at runtime based on user role authorization

    Low complexity.  Show or hide any HTML on your web report based on the user role.  Instead creating different web reports for Executives vs. Information Consumers, create 1 report with a blurb of JavaScript code and some ABAP work to show or hide specific HTML areas.

    4. Process Chain Log Cube

    Medium complexity.  Create BW queries that report on the status and run-time of your process chains.  Like ST03 but more accurate, has more details and can leverage the capabilities of BW like web reports.  For example, we have a web report which shows the status of all our process chains and we can drill down to examine what step failed on a particular chain without logging into the BW GUI.

    5. Z Transaction to launch BW Web Reports from R/3 or BW

    Low complexity.  Type a short transaction code to launch into your BW Web Reports.  This transaction works particularly well for operational users who need a BW Web Report. 

    6. Process Chain Delete Master Data

    Medium complexity.  Add custom step to your process chains to delete the master data for an InfoObject.  Works well for integration or regression testing when you need to delete all your cube and master data content then re-load from R/3.

    Hmm, I wonder if this work is copywrited by my company.


    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Peter,
      I haven’t seen any BI ABAP weblogs too 🙁
      You should first of all check with your company what you can publish and what you cannot. From my experience the extra visibility is always much more worth than the copyright. I guess you could post any of the above topics on the forum, e.g. “How can I delete Master Data in process chains?” and you get enough hints to start programming. I even did own solutions on 3, 4 and 6 already.

      Personally I’d like to see any of your solutions (all of your solutions over the time 😉 Number 5. doesn’t quite fit my description, it sounds more like a report than like a user exit but all of the topics are fine. If I had to choose one it would be 1 or 3 depending if you have the time to finish 1.

      Best regards

  5. Former Member
    Congrats Dirk,
    on book, new family member and on finally finishing off the “project” in Berlin :0)

    I ve been waiting for your Book for quite some time and am excited to have a look inside…. I hope to see more itersting stuff (Examples n lot of em)than the PDEBWB course.

    I believe there is more room to write ABAP integration when using BW thru CRM/SEM and other applications. It will be interesting to see more stuff on this topic.

    Take care and keep up the good work..

    Umair Shah

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Umair,
      how are you doing in UK? I guess you got what you asked for, lots of examples (and most of them taken out of real projects). Hope you’re doing fine. Feel free to send me a mail, I’d like to hear how you’re doing.


          1. Former Member
            Hi Dirk,

            Thanks for your update. I also wanted to let you know I just placed an order with SAP Press for the English version. I will update you with my thoughts after I read it.


            Venkat Vemaraju

  6. Hi Dirk,

    Have you determined the contest winner?
    Who is this happy guy?

    Best regards,


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