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One of the key benefits of the APIs for CAF Guided Procedures (GP) is to wrap custom-developed Webdynpro UIs and Java code with a GP interface allowing you to maintain process flow and context between the different process steps. Since those APIs are not delivered as part of the Netweaver Developer Studio (NWDS) installation, the only way to make use of them after installing an NW04s SP7 instance is through the Netweaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI).


Well not anymore! With this how-to document which contains downloadable APIs, your patience is finally paying off. Here is the SDN link


Because I mostly do prototypes and proof-of-concepts using GP, I never needed to setup NWDI. Therefore, I really needed the GP APIs to be available for local development as part of my NWDS. Setting up NWDI is not difficult as it’s fairly well documented but it takes easily one day or two off the project to have one up and running with the SAP-EU component which contains the GP APIs. I have to admit it was quite an adventure to get them but fortunately I know very supportive people within SAP and they helped me got the APIs, develop the How-to document and publish it to SDN. Quite interesting process!


So for those whose patience was stretched thin searching for those mysterious APIs, you’re getting paid off with this one. Enjoy developing your composite processes and applications!


Some comments:

– This How-to document will most likely become irrelevant for NW04s SP9 version (available in September, I guess) as the problem of missing APIs for local development will be addressed then (info from GP Product Management).

– This How-to document only applies for NW04s SP7.

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    1. Former Member Post author
      The link in the PDF got corrected. Make sure you don’t have the PDF cached locally (clear your IE cache by deleting your temporary internet files). Thanks, Andre
  1. Former Member
    Thanks a lot for your helping hands.
    Now it works fine, I’m able to reference to the GP-Apis for WebDynpro.
    The documentation is exactly what I looked for.

    Thanks Steve

  2. Former Member

    Thanks for the detailed instructions. I am trying to go through the tutorial ‘Implementing a Callable Object for Background Execution’ found on the CAF tutorial site. When Iadd the missing components as suggested in your pdf, I get the following error:

    ‘Illegal dependency: Access list does not allow use of for with respect to public part default.’

    Being new to NetWeaver, I was wondering if you would have any idea what this means.

    Kind Regards,


    1. Former Member

      After implementing the solution in the attached pdf. We are getting the same error when we go to – Add Used DC – select caf/eu/gp/api from the list i.e. ”Illegal dependency: Access list does not allow use of for with respect to public part default.’

      Did you find any solution to this.
      Really stuck here definitly can use some help.


  3. Hi, Andre.

      Even in NW04s NWDS SP9, it doesn’t contain GP API.
      How can we get API files that you described in  your how-to document for SP9?

      Best Regards.

    1. Former Member Post author
      The gp apis provided in my how-to document are valid for sp9 as well. I was told they’d be deliver in NWDS sp9 but it seems like they weren’t.

      By the way, any chance you’d need a GP/CAF expert in Japan for a composite application development project? I wouldn’t mind bringing my expertise to this part of the world and enjoy learning and discovering the cultural, social, gastronomic and historical Japan.

  4. Former Member

    I tried to create a webdynpro component that implements GP, as you described in your document in 2004s SP08. But getting the following warning, after deploying.

    java.rmi.RemoteException: Error occurred while starting application and wait. Reason: Clusterwide exception: server ID Clusterwide exception: Failed to prepare pplication ”” for startup.

    Reason=Clusterwide exception: Failed to start dependent interface ”caf/eu/gp/api” of application ””. Status of dependent component:  STATUS_MISSING. Hint: Is
    the component deployed correctly on the engine?

    Can you help me , please.
    Thanks in advance


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