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  You may have seen the article    Create Master Data Centrally Using Guided Procedures  that was recently published here on SDN. In this weblog I will keep you up to date with the latest    information regarding this scenario. This includes new screen recordings and the latest source code.


    The    following software has to be installed in order to follow the instructions in     the article.  


    – MDM Server,     MDM Console and MDM Data Manager (all components MDM 5.5 SP4)  


    – NetWeaver Portal 7.0 (NW2004s SPS8)  


    – SAP CAF 7.00 (SPS8)  


    – CAF EU 7.00 (SPS8)  


    – MDM Business Package (for MDM 5.5 SP4)  

  image  download article as PDF 
  [20.09.2006] Download the updated main article here. In the guide you will learn how to implement a central master data management scenario using guided procedures in a short timeframe using SAP NetWeaver as a platform. The focus is on the central creation of business partner master data.

  image  watch recordings now     
  [20.09.2006] Previously the screen recordings where only available for download. You can now watch detailed screen recordings online for each step in the guide.

  image  application       source code      
  [20.09.2006] Use this link to download the source code and deployable files if you are using SAP NetWeaver 2004s SPS8 and above.


  image  Hints for Changing the Source Code

The setup described in the article was tested only with the product releases mentioned     above. You may choose to use different versions. But the source code will not work      without modifications with NW04s releases before SPS7 and MDM Server releases before 5.5 SP4

The CAF GP public API has changed in NW04s SPS07 as compared to SPS06  (see SAP note 924776 for details). As a result the Guided Procedure from the guide  will not work with releases before SPS07.

If you experience difficulties     (in particular connection problems to the MDM server) you may need to make     changes to the source code. Follow the instructions in section      Extending the application.   


It is recommended that you     update the file      MDM4J.jar    in the library DC libmdm1 to the version that matches the MDM Server     version that you have installed.

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  1. Michal Krawczyk
    Hi Lars,

    I’m not an MDM person but I love the video weblog
    tutorial which we can all download and watch:)

    that was a great idea!
    I wish there were many more like this one ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Matthias Zeller
    Nice tutorial. I often get questions from customers who want to use interactive PDF forms to capture the information for Master Data from various people within the company. Since Interactive Forms is integrated with Guided Procedures I assume it is fairly easy to extend this sample with interactive PDF forms for offline data capture.
  3. Former Member

    I don’t know why but I just can’t get this scenario running! I installed:

    1.) MDM Server, MDM Console, MDM Data Manager – all 5.5 SP4
    2.) SAP NetWeaver 2004s SP8
    3.) CAF Core
    4.) CAF GP
    5.) MDM Business Package (MDM 5.5 SP4)


    I deployed the files from this side:

    b. gp_content_SP8.sda.

    and later on (when I figuered out that this doesn’t work) I imported also

    c. portal_content_SP8.epa.

    When trying to start a process, I get the error: “process could not be initiated”.

    What is wrong?



      1. Former Member
        Hi Lars,

        thanks for the answer!
        Yes, I have done that step:

        Application Parameters:


      2. Former Member

        the has Port = 2000 by default.
        My Port is 2345. Do you think that might be the reason why it can’t connect to the repository?


          1. Former Member
            Hi Lars,

            are the deployables gp_application_SP8 and gp_content_SP8 enaugh for this scenario? And in the Developer Studio, when copying the source code in DC’s ( the myComponents folders doesn’t show these files (but the older version was shown).

            Does this page really contain all the files needed for this scenario? Sorry for the stupid questions but I am getting mad because I can’t get in running!

            I am getting connecting prblems to the repository and apart from that the Universal Worklist doesn’t show the work items from the previous action.

            Please help! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Former Member
      Sorry, but this scenario doesn’t work the way it is described! The last step – creating the Business Partner and inserting it to the repository simply doesn’t work! Besides I can’t load the source code into “MyComponents” in Developer Stuio. I am using SAP NetWeaver 2004s SP08 and have all the prerequisites needed.

      I also deployed the two files: gp_content_SP8.sda and I got the Teched folder.


  4. Former Member

    I have been trying to create a similar scenario as yours for some time but regretted that I did not manage to get it working till now.

    My working ennvironment is EP 7.0 SPS08 and MDM 5.5 SP04, and I am following using the updated application code and deployables on this blog.

    I realised the article and recordings (though stated to be updated) are referring to the old deployables IDES_MDM (H2G_GuidedProcedures.sda and instead of the new Teched( and gp_content_SP8.sda). Do I need to install the old IDES_MDM files (for SPS07) if I am deploying on SPS08?

    Inside the deploy_SP8 folder, other than the sca/sda files and repository, there is a portal_content_SP8.epa and Create_Users.txt.
    Do we need to deploy the portal_content_SP8.epa as well? For the Create_Users.txt, how do we make use of this file? These are not mentioned in the posted article and recordings.

    Greatly appreciate for your advice. Thanks!

    Best Regards,
    Amanda Ooi

    1. Former Member

      I have redeployed and import the sca/sda/epa files. But I have been getting error – ‘The login method is not called successfully’ when submitting request to search or create record in the MDM respository.

      Please advise. Thanks!

      Best Regards.

      1. Former Member
        I have experienced the same problem:

        ‘The login method is not called successfully’ when submitting request to search or create record in the MDM respository.

        Someone can help me?



    2. Former Member
      Hi Amanda,

      Can u tell me the path, from where I can download these files

      Thanks in advance,

  5. Former Member
    Hey Lars,
    first thanks for the nice guide.
    Unfortunately I can’t download the needed files anymore. Is there any possibility to load them up again?

    Would be of great help to me.

  6. Former Member
    Hey Lars,
    Great guide…
    Unfortunately I can’t download the needed files anymore. Is there any possibility to load them up again?  ( I noticed that Florins had the same problem…may be we could put this in the Downloads section in SDN…..)

    Thanks again

  7. Lars Rueter Post author
    The problem with downloading the files should now be permanently solved. The download files used to be externally hosted to make frequent updates easier. Now that the code is more stable the download files have found a permanent home on SDN. All the download links above are SDN links. Any trouble downloading the files should be directed to
    Cheers Lars
  8. Former Member
    Hi Lars!

    I am working on a similar project as yours, but I have some difficulty with creating the WD model.
    How did you create it exactly? Which kind of model did you use?


  9. Former Member
    We were trying to get a grip on MDM 7, when we found your document .. just what we needed, unfurtunatly it was for an older release.
    Therefore the files HTGWD and HTGGP cannot be found anymore.
    Has anyone got an idea how to do the actions described in this document on MDM 7

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