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Scripting in a Box v0.1

Much awaited and now available, v0.1 of “Scripting in a Box” is now on SDN for download and not a moment to soon! The newest release is packed full of more components, more examples and of course Ruby and Ruby on Rails, I promised it for Sapphire and afterwards for SDN. Well thanks to Emerging Solutions in Orlando the package was actually handed out on 256MB USB Sticks, silver ones with the SAP logo. Here though on SDN I can only offer the download and additional projects that can be downloaded and included. Don’t forget, “Scripting Languages”, SDN and SAP for our favorite topic “Scripting Languages”. So it seems that the topic is on the move and gaining speed! Also, if you notice on the download page there is also a section now for new projects not included in the actual environment itself. Got a project, if you can make it an Eclipse project and package it up then I will be happy to inlcude it in the downloadable area. If you have a spare minute I would be very curious to know your thoughts on something, it takes but a minute: Click Here Contents of v0.1 Development Tools

Development Languages

Updated Jun 22, there is a problem with starting the WEBrick service for the ExRates example, please perform the following steps to solve the problem. Step 1: Download .gem for ActiveRecord from Step 2: Copy .gem file to “install” directory in “Scripting in a Box” Step 3: Create “install_gem_comp.bat” file under “tools” directory in “Scripting in a Box” Step 4: Save this text to “install_gem_comp.bat” @ECHO OFF PATH=%PATH%;C:DevelopmentApache
uby in; cd ..install gem install %1 –include-dependencies Step 5: Right click on “tools” directory and choose “Command Prompt” (this works if you used the “Command Prompt Here” script included) at the command prompt type: install_gem_comp activerecord-1.14.2.gem (be sure it’s the name of the file you just downloaded) Step 6: Repeat this for “Actionpack” from Step 7: Repeat this for “Actionmailer” from Step 8: Repeat this for “Actionwebservice” from

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