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Understanding Cascading

By definition, when two syncBos are in a cascaded relationship, then on synchronization the record from the child syncBo gets downloaded on the MI client device if the related record from its parent syncBo is downloaded on to the client.  Sound complicated, let us make it simpler for you.   Let us take an example.  In the MAM application, SyncBo ORDER is related to SyncBo EQUIPMENTS, where the syncBo ORDER is referring to the syncBo EQUIPMENTS. Thus, in this relation ORDER syncBo will be the child syncBo and the EQUIPMENTS will be the parent syncBo.                 ORDERS ->  EQUIPMENTS   The number of the child syncBos for a particular syncBo is displayed in the CA column of the parent syncBo in the transaction merep_pd. The following image shows the syncBo EUIPMENTS (MAM25_031 syncBo) is followed by the number ‘3’ in the CA column, which indicated it is parent to three child syncBos. image    Clicking on the number displays the ‘Cascade Settings’ window. In order to make this relationship cascaded, the cascade option of the required child syncBo should be selected.  image  In the above image, that the syncbo ORDER (MAM25_031 syncBo) forms a cascade relationship with the EQUIPMENTS syncBo.   Also, two more rule governs this relationship; first, the child syncBo can only be of the type S01, T01 or T51 and the parent syncBo can only of the type T01 &  T51 and the second, always the header of the parent syncBo is referred to, and never its item.    So how does synchronization occur in case of a cascade relationship?  Let us consider that there is an order ORDER1 present in the middleware, referring to an equipment EQUIPMENT1.  When the client device performs a sync, a check is made on the ORDER1 to see whether its parent record EQUIPMENT1 is already present on the client, if not then the Replica Database on the middleware is searched for the same.   If EQUIPMENT1 is found on the client, ORDER will get downloaded; if EQUIPMENT1 is present on the Replica Database, then EQUIPMENT1 will get downloaded from the middleware followed by ORDER1.   But if EQUIPMENT1 is absent on the middleware too, then ORDER1 will NOT get downloaded.  However, there is small exception to this rule, or may I say a variant. If the order ORDER1 does not have an equipment record as its parent, then it will get downloaded on to the  client. Thus, cascading only comes in to action when the parent record is present for a child record.  The cascading rules only applies to the child syncBo records and do not affect the parent syncBo records in any manner.    Let me also tell you about what happens in a relationship which is not cascaded, i.e. when the cascade option is not selected. In such a case, the child syncBo record is only downloaded if and only if its related parent syncBo record is present on the client. If the parent record is not present on the client then the child record is not downloaded on the client device; the Replica Database on the middleware is never searched for the related parent record.    Hope this blog has simplified ‘Cascading’ for you…happy cascading.

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      Author's profile photo Sistemi Open SAP
      Sistemi Open SAP
      Very usefull blogs !.

      Please, which is the link betwen the Cascade settings and the behaviour of the report MEREP_DISTRIBUTOR ?

      We are using MI25 SP17, pilot programme.


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      Former Member
      Hi Mauro,
      I am sorry but I am unable to understand your question. Could you please clarify a bit?