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So how does one get in touch with someone without having a headache of them not answering or not having time? Well the best thing to do is to first check their calendar. This of course is a problem considering you are most likely not in the same company as I am, but thanks to Google Calendar I found a small work around. What I’ve decided to do is sync my calendar (not the whole thing but 2 weeks at a time) from my office to my Google. Now I’ve shared the calendar but only the “free and busy times” which means you will see when I am available and when not but not WHY I am not.


So once you have figured out the time of day that fits you and me well enough, then you can decide how to contact me.

  • Instant Message
  • Telephone

* Since email is always a choice no need to mention it here. Now, I have voice mail on phone and most IM’s allow for offline messages these days so if you try and I don’t answer just leave a message and I will get back to you. For Instant Messages (IM) you can reach me via Skype at “craigcmehil”, AIM at “craigcmehil”, MSN at ““, Google Talk at ““, Yahoo! Messenger at “ccmehil” or Jabber at ““. For the most part I use a web based IM service called Meebo, makes it easy for me to be in all my IM’s at once, image, however it does limit some of the funcitonality so Webcams and Audio may not be available. Than than Meebo I use Skype or GTalk clients. For Telephone you can reach me at +49 for Germany then 6227 7 41031, that will ring me at my desk and then at my mobile if I don’t answer the first one. Who knows I may even ask you to do a quick Podcast with me about what’s happening right now on SDN.

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    1. Former Member
      I’ve got it through but internal to SAP 🙁 I guess I need to go and get a user there as well – good thing Meebo handles them all…
      1. Vijay Dudla
        I added you long time back, Still the Satus is
        ‘Add Request Pending’. let me try with others too..
        may be i can catch you there.


          1. Vijay Dudla
            Really,But i added you another time, may be you missed my previous Request.Thanks for Adding me,Now i am able to see you.



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