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SAP TechEd '06: I'll be there!

As Craig said in this forum post Scripting Languages at SAPPHIRE?…The SDN had a Scripting Community.

The question is, who we are? what we do? why we do what we do?

Ok, let’s start.

  • We are the Scripting Programmers. Just to name a few Me, Anton, Kathirvel, Piers, Gregor, Craig
  • We do blogs about Scripting Languages and SAP Integration, help newbies in the Scripting Languages Forum and we try to to show the world how cool scripting languages really are.
  • Easy. We do it, because we love scripting languages. Because we know that you can get a lot of interesting applications by combining them with SAP.

With those questions answer…I would like to extend and invitation to all the Scripting guys out there…Come on and join the club! Help us to achieve our goal…And what’s our goal? Simple…To someday be recognized by SAP and get more support. We have achieved a lot of good this, as you can see here:

Scripting Languages at Sapphire have now been finalized!
Scripting in a Box v0.0.5
Scripting Languages Meeting – A View From the Other Side of the Table
SAPPHIRE Orlando 2006

Still…We need more help from the community…More blogs, more forum entries, more examples…

Finally…I must express my sadness by looking at this two blogs…Too few comments for a big community… Calling all Scripters! Come on we can’t let them show us up! Hey! Look what I found!

Please…If you’re a Member of the SDN Scripting Community…Or if you want to join the club…Put your comments in this blog. I wanted to know how many we are…And of course to know that we’re not alone.

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      1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo Post author
        -:( My mistake…Sorry…Haven’t look at it that way…Now I changed it for “We are the Scripting Programmers”…Hope it’s ok this time -:)

        Anyway…Thanx for posting -:P Now I’m sure that the Community is formed by at least 3 members (including me).

    1. Peter Csontos
      Hi All,

      You know, SAP tends to call things differently than others call them.
      UIs are called transactions, transactions are called LUWs, stubs and skeletons are called proxies (probably proxies are calles something else), and last but not least something that’s not scripting is called SAP SCRIPT.
      Well, maybe it’s time to find another nice name for scripting languages 🙂


      1. Craig Cmehil
        SAP SCRIPT is SAP SCRIPT but Scripting Languages is the general term applied to any scripting based language – which simply implies here on SDN:

        All forms of Scripting Langauges are welcome on SDN and in the SDN Scripting Languages community.

        Heck JavaScript is starting to make it’s presence known along with PHP, Ruby, Perl and Python. So what’s next?

  1. Hi Alvaro!
              Letz unleash the power of SAP with Scripting Languages.Please see that community gets stronger by more e-learning sessions,tutorials & blogs in place.
    Thanks & regards,
    Raja Akella.
    1. Craig Cmehil
      Hi Raja,

      SDN needs to the community help, like Alvaro writing this blog, it’s all of you out there that will enable SDN to make the Scripting more prominent – so if you have information to share contact me and I will do what I can to help you get your information online!


      1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo Post author
        That’s right…We need more help…That’s why I wrote this blog, to get some more attention to the Scripting Languages.

        I’m sure that there is a lot of people out there making cool integrations…So why not make some blogs about them? Why no write some white papers? Why not help us to extend this community?

        As one Sham 69’s song said…”If the Kids are united, they will never be divided” -;)



      1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo Post author
        Hi Wenceslaus:

        Great idea! Some open source editors and tools would be cool! -:D I know, that there’s already a lot out on the market…But if we can make some specific for SL/SAP integration…Would be awesome -;)

        I just read your blog…Great work! Keep on writing! -:)




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