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Author's profile photo Eugene Khusainov

A Junior Blogger’s Tips

Just recently I’ve finished creating my first web blogs. Have encountered some problems. They were not covered here: The 1-2-3 Steps To Producing a Weblog Weblog formatting Tips and Tricks In this blog I’d like to share some additional information I found.

Image Upload

When you are in a junior blogger screen, click on ‘Upload Images’ link. In the appeared screen browse to your image file and click Submit button. Then copy the generated statement into the blog body. image

Do not combine small images in a big one

It is recommended not to have an image size greater than 600 to 400 pixels. If you want to show several images side by side in one row (for example, as a logically related pictures) and the total width of the combined picture exceeds the limit of 600 pixels, do not create a combined image placing into one image several small ones. You’d better keep them as separate images. Just place them one by one, without any delimiters. They’ll form a sequence of images.

In case of images placed adjacently do not exceed the total width of 600 pixels

I had the image with the width greater than 600 pixels. I decided to cut the image in two peaces and place them side by side in one row. When I continued to create the blog, I couldn’t understand why my text spans beyond the screen. image It was very irritating to scroll the screen every time I wanted to read the long sentences. Then I supposed that the text spans up to the maximum width of pictures (or to the end of a screen). It happened to be true. When I deleted these two pictures and replaced them by one, with the recommended width, all texts didn’t span further out of the screen. image

Texts with Bullets

You may choose the appearance of the bullet type using LI tag: < LI type=”disc”>List item 1 < LI type=”circle”>List item 2 < LI type=”square”>List item 3 resulting in the following presentation:

  • List item 1
  • List item 2
  • List item 3

Enclose the list items with < ul> and < /ul> tags (for unordered list) or < ol> and < /ol> (for ordered list).

Code samples

There are several possibilities to put into a blog a code sample. The code appearance will depend on ‘Preserve Linebreaks?’ option. image I’ll call it as “Linebreaks = Yes” and “Linebreaks = No” option.

1 < pre > and < /pre > tags

Linebreaks = Yes


Linebreaks = No

image The difference between these two options is in the extra line break in case of “Linebreaks = Yes” option. As in the case of wide images, in order to see the rows longer than the screen width one has to scroll the screen.

2 < TEXTAREA > and < / TEXTAREA > tags

The opening tag may have a format like < TEXTAREA wrap=”virtual” rows=11 cols=80 MAXLENGTH=80> Rows and cols parameters determine the number of rows and columns in the output.

Linebreaks = Yes

image As you can see, br tags are inserted automatically and spoil the appearance. I couldn’t get rid of the tags.

Linebreaks = No

image The view is good. In both cases the long rows are broken automatically. Be carefull while using TEXTAREA tags. If you have boolean operators in the code, you need to replace each ‘<‘ and ‘>’ sign with & lt; and & gt; accordingly (without a space). Otherwise, you may break HTML code.

3 < CODE > and < / CODE > tags

Linebreaks = Yes

image The code is shown nicely, with appropriate line breaks.

Linebreaks = No

image All lines of the code are concatenated. You have to add br tags manually. There are also tt, kbd, samp and others tags for code displaying. For more information one can use any open source, like this one: HTML Tags Hope this little information will help to make the life of web blog beginners a bit easier.

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      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt
      Hi Eugene,
      Thank you for spending the time and caring to help other "junior bloggers" with your tips and tricks.  It is very commendable that you took the effort to do this.  Its also a great opportunity for others to add additional help tips for creating blogs.

      Great job!