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In order to process an EDIFACT message inside XI, we have to convert the incoming EDI stream to an XML document.




Until recently it was complex to handle industry formats such as EDIFACT within SAP XI.

The main challenges were:
– the definition of XML structure in SAP XI that reflected EDIFACT metadata
– the conversion of native EDIFACT messages into XML messages

SAP XI includes from SP15 an optional component called SAP Conversion Agent aimed at simplifying the processing of EDIFACT messages. This weblog describes how to use SAP Conversion Agent for EDIFACT/XML conversions.


A standard EDIFACT process within SAP XI can be decomposed as follows:
1. Receive the native EDIFACT message via FTP or via a proprietary Value Added Network (VAN) protocol
2. Convert the native EDIFACT message into XML EDIFACT
3. Map/Transform the XML EDIFACT message into an XML Idoc message
4. Post the XML Idoc to a SAP application (SAP R/3)


The process is illustrated in the diagram below:



EDIFACT and SAP Conversion Agent


The SAP XI Conversion Agent provides:
– a library of XML EDIFACT metadata required for the conversion and the mappings (step number 2 and 3)
– a tool to develop and deploy the conversion of native Edifact message into XML EDIFACT (step number 2)

At this point of the weblog we assume that the installation of SAP Conversion Agent is completed. If it is not the case please refer to the weblog How to get started using Conversion Agent from Itemfield written by William Li.

For additional background information on SAP XI / SAP Conversion Agent integration you can also read the weblog of Alexander Bundschuh : How to get started using Conversion Agent from Itemfield

The implementation consists of the following tasks:
– Create a Content Master Studio Project
– Deploy the Content Master Project to the XI Server
– Import the EDIFACT schema to the XI repository
– Create XI Repository Objects
– Create XI Directory Objects


How to create a Content Master Studio Project


Create a CM Library Project:



Enter ORDERS96_Parser as project name:



Select the corresponding ORDERS 96a parser template:



The following project structure is created:



In order to test the conversion with our local EDI file example we have to modify the example_source value to LocalFile and enter the file name with its full path in the corresponding parameter:



We can test the parsing locally :



We can check the generated output file and the event log:



How to Deploy a Content Master Project to the XI Server


Execute the Content Master Configuration Utility in order to set the CM repository:



We have to point our CM Repositry configuration to the XI Content Server directory:



We can deploy the service directly from Content Master Studio:



The service name entered at this stage will be used later in the Adapter Module configuration to invoke the EDIFACT to XML conversion.



How to create the EDIFACT to IDOC mapping


We have to import into the XI repository the XSD provided with the EDIFACT library:



Once imported,the EDIFACT XML message structure is available as an external definition. It will be used as a source document in the mapping.



How to execute the conversion inside XI


Once the conversion agent service is deployed, we can call it from within any adapter that runs on the SAP XI Adapter Framework by using the EJB module : localejbs/


In the module tab we have to configure the module name and set the parameter TransformationName to the service that we deployed before.




This weblog was co-authored by Béla Suranyi and Lionel Biennier.

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      Former Member
      This is very usefull blog. Only question i have is do we need to go for seeburger adapter for converting EDIFACT message into IDoc.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Dear Ajay,

      You have to analyze more accurately your requirements in order to be able to decide which is the best option for you.

      The output of the conversion agent can be mapped to IDOC using standard XI mapping functionality.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Bela,
      We have implemented Seeburger's EDI solution at a client, and our another client wants to an EDI solution for them.
      I cam across this weblog, and it is very interesting. I have some questions.
      1. Does Converstion Agent support the converstion of all versions of native EDI X12 and EDIFACT to the corresponding XML verions, and vice versa.
      2. What are the differences between Seeburger's and XI Conversion Agent's EDI soultions?
      Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks a lot.

      Author's profile photo NARASIMHA BHAMIDIPATI
         We are going to implement EDI-2-SAP R3 intigration using Seeburger Adapter. I have couple of doubts reg. this.

      1)How to configure the Seeburger Adapter on the outbound side to intigrate with XI?

      2)Is there any tool available to convert the native EDIFACT to EDI-XML format, other than Conversion agent procedure? 

      would be very much thankful to you, if you would send me along with screen shots of any existing scinerio.
      If you have any suggestion or comments, I will be very grateful.

      my mail is:

      Thank you very much 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Karma,

      I was just reading ur reply to bela.
      I suppose you had implemented the seeburger at you client place.I wanted you suggestions and help with the seeburger implementation.

      We wanted to do the seeburger implementation for one of our client.We wanted to convert the EDIFACT to XML struture using the seeburger adpater.

      Do you have any helpful documents which helps us implementing the same.

      Can you please forward the same to

      It will be great if you can send me ASAP.

      Thanks in advance
      Chirag Gohil

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Bela and Ajay.

      Thanks for the Blog, but as Ajay also said Seeburger Adapter is not at all replaced by this content manager tool because of following reasons

      1) seeburger Adapter(AS2) Provides a way of handling various delimeters needed for X12 and EDIFACT data.

      2) Seeburger Adapter is usefull in handling many verions of mapping with one entry in Seeburger Work bench, example if tradepartner XYZ want to use 850 of various versions(4010,4030,4060) with one vendor he can do that with AUTO mapping and the coresponding mapping will be picked up from the deployed SDA automaticaly.

      3) The only benefit that i see of this is that Seeburger Mapping Designer tool does not work directly on .edi files so we have to get the equivalent xml files from Seeburger which is time consuming and structures are not correct some times but the content manager tool works directly on .edi files which is good.

      I hope this could give some comparison between these two.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      i have tried it and it has come successfully til importing my xsd from the conversion agent.
      Now, when i import the xsd into my message mapping,i see that only one segment can be imported. but your weblog shows that the entire structure can be brought into the message mapping...?
      what should i do?