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Starting / Stopping of Communication Channel from RWB

As of now we have been Activating and Deactivating the Communication Channel from the IB Configuration for the Communication Channel to function.  Hence, the traditional way of doing it would have been IB Configuration -> Configuration Scenario -> Service/System -> Communication Channel.  Eg :  image So, every time a channel had to be Activated/Deactivated, even if just starting and stopping the channel would have proved efficient.  But now with the latest SP, this feature has been included in the Runtime Workbench.  The channels can directly be started or stopped from the RWB. There is no need for the channel to be Activted and Deactivated each and every time.  The biggest advantage of this would be, imagine you have placed a file a on the FTP Server with some polling interval and you do not delete the file, neither do you deactivate the the Channel from the IB configuration. This would keep polling the file and would overload the Server.  But now, just a simple Start/Stop button in the Communication Channel in RWB would prevent this. image Channels with Green LED indicate that the Channel is Active in the IB Configuration.  Channels with Yellow LED indicate that the Channel is Inactive in IB Configuration.
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