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SDN Search – Key to most of your Problems.

I recently started my contributions on SDN Forums and one thing I have realized from day one is that there are basically three types of questions asked in these forums. This weblog attempts to highlight how SDN Search can play an important role in your problem solving approach and reduce your dependency on forums for straigtforward questions…  The three categories of questions are: 1) Questions on Basic Concepts There are number of very basic questions in these forums. For example, some of the basic questions like:  a)what is SAP NetWeaver ? How is that related to J2EE Technologies?b)/thread/136850 [original link is broken]c)/thread/154716 [original link is broken]d)/thread/128982 [original link is broken]e)/thread/155624 [original link is broken] These are just few ……. 2) Questions on known Problems & frequently encountered problems Another category of questions include questions for which solutions are already available on SDN or those topics are exhaustively covered on SDN and For example,   a) /thread/156394 [original link is broken]b)/thread/112263 [original link is broken]c)/thread/155207 [original link is broken]d) administrator account locked…any solutions? Again there are tons of such questions for which you really don’t have to wait for somebody to answer…. These questions either have straightforward answers or already been discussed several times by SDN members.  3) Questions on Complex Problem scenarios This category of questions is very important because this is where you really need help from SDN Community members. These may be based on different problem scenarios and you definitely need community experts to help you.  Even for these cases SDN Search can lead you to important tips needed for your troubleshooting.  Now coming to the point….For first two types of question, do you really want to wait for people to reply to your queries? Why not leverage the SDN Search Functionality to help yourself before posting your queries? Most of the time the answer is lying out there on SDN and you just need to search them. Infact, most of the times somebody else searches for you and provides you the links or may be just copy the content from some other original content. There may be situations where you may not get what you are really looking for and you have all rights to post your queries.  If you are not sure on where to search, just look for left navigation bar with SDN Search… image I am not trying to say that there is anything wrong in posting first two types of queries or there is anything wrong in replying for such queries, but I am just trying to highlight how SDN Search functionality can be leveraged as an important tool in your Problem solving approach….I am sure that once you start using the Portal Search functionality in practice, you will definitely appreciate the Knowledge Base SDN already has and how that be your best help for most of your problems and queries 🙂   Infact this would also address plagiarism issue to some extent as pointed out by “Eddy De Clercq” in his latest From the Grumpy Old Man: Honesti Laboris Fructis Divinus.

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      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt
      Thanks Piyush, for your reminder about "search before you post". Another great way of seeing if an answer already exists out there in the forum itself is by using the forum search capabilities.
      You can search an entire forum category or a specific forum. Use
      Search Forum Content to check if there was already an answer posted to a particular question you wished to ask.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thanks Marilyn for pointing to Forum Search Link as well.


      Author's profile photo Gregor Wolf
      Gregor Wolf
      Hi Everybody,

      but be aware that the Forum Search still needs a AND between the word you search for to work well.