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Author's profile photo Jan Rauscher

Comboboxes in CAF GP Callable Object

Web Dynpro Form Callable Objects make it possible to create forms within Guided Procedures Design Time. By using a Web Dynpro Forms Callable Object, you can create simple screens without using anything other than the Portal.

You should know the Composite Application Framework Guided Procedure Design Time (look at the CAF SDN Launch page to get more information about this -> click on the link above).

1. Open your Enterprise Portal via http://:/irj/portal, navigate to tab Guided Procedures and to tab Design Time.

2. In the left ‘You Can’ section of the screen, choose Create Callable Object to open the Callable Object Design Time.

3. In the first screen select the type Callable Object ‘Web Dynpro Form’. Enter the basic data for the Callable Object:

– Name

– Description

– Language

– Location (Click the Choose button to select the folder for the location)

Click Next.

4. Now you can add and remove form elements. To add an element, click Add. A drop-down list will appear where you can select the type of form element you want to add. To remove an element, click Remove. To remove a single element, first select it by clicking on its radio button on the left.

You can create a combo-box using a simple input field to enter ‘free-text’ and drop-down list to select pre-defined key-value pairs:

5. Create an input field by clicking ‘Add’, and then add Input Field from the drop-down list.

6. Fill the input fields to create a form element of type “string” . Notes: Read only: Indicates that this input field cannot be changed during runtime. Optional: indicates that the user can decide whether to give a value or not during runtime. When completed, press Create.

7. The form element is now created.

8. Now create a Dropdown Field by clicking on Add, and then Add Dropdown Field in the drop-down list.

9. Fill-in appropriate key-value pairs.

10. To create new entries (value types) for the drop-down press “Add Entry”.

11. When completed, press Create, to create the form element.

12. As a result you should have a Callable Object from type Web Dynpro Form that contains an input field and a drop-down list with pre-defined key-value pairs. After activating this Callable Object, you can now integrate it into your Guided Procedures process.

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      Author's profile photo Ginger Gatling
      Ginger Gatling
      Hello Jan,
      This is really great that we have this new web dynro form option - thanks for the great blog.  I just tried it out and it's really cool!
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hello Jan,

      This is a nice option to provide Dropdown box.
      But, can we have provision to provide values in dropdown dynamically?

      Dropdown values should come from the Java dictionary tables or from R3 instead of hardcoding the list of values.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Using the same steps described in you msg... This would be a way to add drop down lists to the XPD application on various screens where needed? Example Concept Fact sheet
      Author's profile photo Deepti Lakshmi
      Deepti Lakshmi

      Thanks for nice information.But all the fields that are added are of fixed length. Also they are formatted in a standard way , one after the other. Is there any way, we can increase the size of these input fields so that long texts can be displayed ? . Can we rearrange the fields (side by side ) ? If this is possible, that would be really awesome.

      Please reply.