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Modifying Web Interface Builder – Part 3 – Hiding Rows in Layouts

There may be situations in which multiple layouts are presented in one Web Interface frame. It may be desirable to eliminate any column header data rows which may detract from a unified multiple layout presentation as well as providing unnecessary duplication of data. This scrip allows you to eliminate specific rows of a layout’s output. Example code: This sample script removes the first row (Row 0) of layout LAYOUT_LAY002 which contains the data column titles.
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  • Hi Sheldon,

    sorry for the subject, but it was my first idea when I read your blogs. The approach to modify the weblayouts with JavaScript seems very easy, but you do not have the dynamic when changing some properties during the runtime.

    A solution might by the registration of a specific upwb-application class, which do it for you during the execution of the BPS weblayout.

    I have build up a solution, in which I have registered several handlers in the basic event-handling of the weblayouts, so I can react when some events occured and do my own stuff. The adavantage of this way is the possibility to affect all components of your current weblayout.

    Unfortunally, all of these things are done with ABAP;-)


    • Hi Hendrik-
      You are correct in so far as the current installments of this blog series have yet to touch on any dynamic modifications.  I will soon post some dynamic capability using JavaScript looping.  By using this technique, you will be able to add rows to a layout and still keep your JavaScript modifications correctly synchronized.
      – Sheldon