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Integrating JDEdwards system with XI using IWAY adapter part – I

Integrating JDEdwards system with XI using IWAY adapter.


While installing and configuring the JDEdwards adapter provided by Iway, we found that there is no central information provider where we could get all the steps for installing, configuring the JDEdwards adapter and creating a scenario for calling a Business Function in JDEdwards system.

Through these blogs I intend to provide a step by step guide to anyone who wishes to configure JDEdwards adapter.

Think of integrating with an SAP system and you can directly have your IDOC and RFC interfaces imported into XI, but is it that simple in case of any third party ERP ?

The diagram below shows the process of importing rfc interfaces in XI.


Lets see in case of JDEdwards,


As we have RFCs and BAPI in sap, we have business functions in JDE. The Business functions in case of JDE are written in JDE specific language. There is a tool called as GenJava provided by JDEdwards itself, using which we can create a jar file of the business function. The output for GenJava produces fully functional Java objects based on the library you use to generate wrappers.

GenJava packages these objects in a single JAR file such as XXXInterop.jar or XXXXInteropDoc.jar, where XXXX is the name of function which we provide from the command line. For example the command can be as follows

GenJava /Cat 1 /UserID Devuser1 /Password Devuser1 /Environment DV811 CAEC.

Along with the adapter IWAY also provides a servlet application called as Application Explorer which creates xml schema definitions (XSD) for the generated java objects. Using the servlet “application explorer“, we can create request and response schemas (XSD) for that particular java function. Thus we get the XSD files for request and response which we can import in External definitions in Integration repository. Now that shows the advantage of being on open standards.

Steps for configuring and using the JDE adapter are as follows.

  1. JDEdwards Adapter software installation.
  2. Add JDE specific files to iwxijca_JDEdwards.sda.
  3. Deploy the Adapter.
  4. Registering the adapter in SLD.
  5. Logging and Trace settings.
  6. Deploying Application explorer.
  7. Create request and response schemas for the Business function
  8. Configuring a scenario in XI.

The next two blogs will cover all the eight steps in detail.

Here’s the link for part two and three
part -II Integrating JDEdwards system with XI using IWAY adapter part – II
part -III Integrating JDEdwards system with XI using IWAY adapter part – III

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      Former Member
      hi ,

      Nice blog and of great help.. 🙂

      I was trying to deploy iway Adpater(siebel), and have encountered many problems.
      I have raised the Query in SDN...
      iway Adapter(siebel) for XI Installation .. IWAFJCAException:

      It would be of great help if u can give me some pointers....

      My Query is: Did u change the JNDI name of IWAY TEST Tool the time of deployment...?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Yomesh, great effort.

      I've the architexture (GenJava & Application Explorer) valid in case of JDE OneWorld or JDE World adapter?

      At service market place, I see that there two different adapter provided by iWay for integrating JDE systems.

      Please clarify.

      Thx in adv

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      HI Praveen,
      I have done this for JDE oneworld. ForJDE world adapter i am not sure, whether Genjava and Application explorer is valid or not. You may get the details in the adapter specific documention of World adapter.
      But as per my understanding, these process (GenJava & Application Explorer) are generic process for both the adapters, and are used for generating XSD files.
      But you will have adapter specific Application explorer, which will give you an XSD which that adapter can understand.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Can you provide the reference material or the links to them. I could not find more details about the JDE world adapter.

      thx in adv