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Integrating JDEdwards system with XI using IWAY adapter part – III

url=”+IWAY_HOME#IWAY_CONFIG+”  {code:html}http://+hostname:port+/iwae/index.html
{code}Where host is the host name of XI server and port is the j2ee http port * Create request and response schemas for the Business function. *  a)      First we will have to create a repository folder on XI server drive and place the jar file created by GENJAVA in this repository folder.  b)      Now provide the path for repository folder in the application explorer. image c)     Go to the Logon tab and provide the detail connection information for connecting to the backend JDE system. image d)   After entering all the relevant information click on OK button and you will see a list of  business functions for which we have created a jar file and kept in repository folder. image e) for example here we have a function called as N55001 and we can get the request and response schemas for this particular function from here.   1. 2. Configuring a scenario in XI. 3. 1. 2. Rest all steps in the IR and ID are same. The only new thing will be configuring a receiver JDEdwards channel.The screen shot below shows the same 3. image
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    • Hi Sudhir,

      I am sorry for the inconvenience. I have provided the links to part-I and part-II of the series.
      This was my first blog, any suggestions or feedback to improve it are most welcome.


    • Hi Anton,
      The reason for which I splitted the blog in three parts was to give a clear abstraction of what we are doing.The first part gives a conceptual understanding of what we are trying to do. The second part gives steps for installing and configuring an IWAY Adapter. It is generic in nature for example it can also be used by someone who wishes to install a seibel adapter provided by IWAY. Just what would differ would be Seibel vendor specific files instead of JDE vendor specific files.
      And the third part talks about how to use application explorer servlet to generate XSD which is a different topic than installing an adapter.
      This was the idea behind it.
      • I liked it even if I’m way out of needing it any time soon. It was a good choice to split it into three parts. One part would have been too long.

        Best regards

    • thxs Yomesh for writing such an informative blogs.I wan’t a help.actually in my company there is JD Edwards OneWorld XE..and wan’t to upgrade it to SAP it is possible to integrate it using adapter.but I was asked by top management that what can be the disadvantages of it.I thought of security.Please can u write some disadv of it.
      best regards
      • HI charu,

        Does your company wants to migrate from JDE to SAP, or do they want to keep both SAP and JDE.

        1.Data Migration from JDE to SAP

        If you want to have both the ERP’s then having JDEdwards adapter for integrating SAP and JDE will help you a lot.

        Other way of integrating is webservices.You can expose SAP RFC’s as webservices. There might be similar
        functionality on JDE side as well to expose Business functions as webservices.But this is very application specific solution.

        XI has its own advantages, such as central integration knowledge, central monitoring etc.

        Disadvantages could be:
        1.1 JDE adapter is not free, so ur company will have to purchase it.
        1.2 Installing and configuring JDEdwards adapter requires XI basis skills.

        2. Migrating from JDEdwards to SAP

        For this case if you are completely migrating from one erp to other erp, XI is not a proper choice.
        XI should only be used for real time data transfer. For batch transfer also XI can be used, but its advisable to use ETL tools for complete data transfer.

        I hope it helps you.


        • thanks Yomesh for the usefull information.My company is having older JDE OneWorld XE so I wan’t to give suggestion of upgrading it.I think we can have both ERP’s n can take adv of both..
          ths once again for giving ur precious time..

    • Hi,

      Deploying .sda(Software deployment archive) file is the work of XI Administrator. XI administrator should have the knowledge of both,ABAP stack and java stack administration.