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SAP XI Quick Launcher

SAP XI – Quick Launcher


(See the UPDATES section below for change log)

How much time do you spend/waste in your browser bookmarks with XI links? Personally too much. That’s how this toy came up to my mind: kinda SAP Logon for XI areas.

Nothin’ really special to say here. There’s only a couple of assumptions.

First of all, you’re supposed to have already configured all XI boxes you need in your SAP Logon application (I can’t imagine anybody livin’ without this).

Secondly, you need to allow Internet Explorer to execute active content… As you can guess, the solution is 99% JavaScript based, plus the use of the FileSystemObject ActiveX control: in fact, you cannot make I/O access to client filesystem with pure JavaScript for obvious security reasons.

Last, I have no time to make it cross platform and cross browser: it will run only with Microsoft Windows (any version I think) and Internet Explorer. Sorry about that: I’m a great Linux and Firefox user&fan, but you know…


How does it work?

Very very easy: it reads your saplogon.ini and stores 3 basic data into an array: server name, hostname and system number. Just enough to build the common XI/J2EE url.
Then, based on the button you hit, it concatenates the right path and spawn a new browser window.
The “Only XI Systems” flag will only put in the list SAP Logon entries that do have an “X” in their description 🙂
That’s it.


I strongly recommend that you configure the very comfortable Single Sign On! Follow this howto and don’t be afraid: it’s a breeze.


Just copy and paste the code below in an html file and store it locally on your pc, or use this page on a site o’mine. (I tried to put a target attr on this anchor but SDN removes it! So after opening my page, SDN right frame will appear as truncated if you hit the back browser button… Just refresh to get back to reality. Or just right click on the link and go for “Open in New Window…”)

Important: I was lazy on gettin’ the windir dinamically… I assume 90% users will run Windows XP, so that the c:\windows\saplogon.ini path will work for the majority of you. If that’s not your case, go and edit source line 11, and change it according to your configuration (always mind the vital double backslash).

Finally, I set a 350×560 pixel window autoresize, and top-left positiong. If you don’t like it, go and edit the onload event of the body tag, on line 220.
Currently the toy works with a maximum of 40 systems. If you have more, please add some  tag in the select, starting on line 227. Once again, I was lazy. I’m pretty sure there’s a way to make it dynamic (please let me know if you find one).


SAP XI Quick Launcher

Exch. Prof.
Adapter Monitor
Msg Display
System Status
NW Admin

ABAP Stack (thru WEBGUI)

Message Monitor
IDoc Adapter Monitor
BPE Monitor
XI Cache
Int. Eng. Admin

Only XI Systems (just a guess)

If you don’t allow Active Content to run, the magic won’t happen… Help


In general: I won’t maintain the XIQL code here as I enhance/correct it, but just on my site, reachable via this public link. If you’d like to bring it on your pc, just open it and save the page locally. Except some css and img files (which you can download form the same place anyway), it should perfectly work.

– As requested by Raja, I’ve added buttons to spawn ABAP stack most used transactions via its/webgui
– As requested by Amol, I’ve found a way to get windows directory dinamically to build the correct path to saplogon.ini file. That was made by means of WshShell Object, another very powerful (and dangerous if misused 🙂 ActiveX object.

CROSS BROWSER SUPPORT ENABLED! As I have recently both an Intel based wonderful MacBook with Mac Os X on which I don’t mean to install MSIE, I was forced to make this toy o’mine work on Firefox as well, and I did it. I’ve tested it on Firefox but I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work on other versions and other Mozilla-based browsers… Only tip: I wasn’t able to make it work from an Internet URL, but only as a local file (the PrivileAccessManager class just doesn’t do its great job in that case).
The change has been put in this weblog textarea.


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  • Just one question.I guess the statement

    windir = “c:\\windows\\saplogon.ini”;

    needs to be tweaked based on actual OS folder you have. Can the variable windir be made intelligent so that it detects it automatically?

    Anyways…Great work as usual!!
    Best Regards,

    • Yes, the saplogon.ini path should be got “automagically” somehow, but I was a bit lazy on this (I wrote it 🙂
      I will investigate soon.


    • rather than hardcoding the path to your ini file,
      make a little modification by adding the following

      //windir = “c:\\windows\\saplogon.ini”;
      var wshell = new ActiveXObject(“WScript.Shell”);
      var windir = wshell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings(“%WINDIR%”)+”\\saplogon.ini”;


  • It looks really awesome alex. It really helps us in saving time and remembering the urls everytime. I hope it will be really handy to us. Keep rocking….


  • I modified it to include a section for the SeeBurger EDI Adapter web front ends. I also threw in a section for links to XI Development resources like the SDN forums, blogs, and XI documentation.

    I also noticed you parse the saplogon.ini file looking for entries with “X” in it. That could cause entries with the word Sandbox to be pulled back as it did with me. I chose to search for entries with XI since most server names and descriptions will probably include XI.

    Sweet front end that gives me everything i need to manage XI from one cockpit. I’ll be getting this to my team shortly. Thanks!!

    • James,
      That’s exactly the kind of SDN activity I always like to see: enhancing!
      I went for “X” instead of “XI” ’cause aften I see people (including myself) putting just the SID as server description, and the majority of XI SIDs jave just one “X”… But this is totally debatable! 🙂