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Latest News on Enterprise Knowledge Management

Interested in the latest news on the IT scenario Enterprise Knowledge Management of SAP NetWeaver? This blog covers the highlights and latest functionality delivered with SAP NetWeaver 2004s and succeeding support package stacks. As most of the features are (or will) also be available for SAP NetWeaver 2004 I tried to provide a kind of support package stack mapping indicated by the bracket notation: (NW04s SPS/NW04 SPS)
For a complete list of changes or new functionality please check the release notes for the IT scenario Enterprise Knowledge Management of SAP NetWeaver 2004s (or the Knowledge Management capabilities of SAP NetWeaver 2004).
Export and Import of Properties (SPS04/SPS10)
In the Configuration iView, you can use the import and export functions to transfer existing predefined properties between portals. For example, you can create a property in a test system and then transport this using an XML file to a production system. (see online documentation)
Export and Import of Configuration Data (SPS04/SPS11)
With the new release, the Export and Import functions are available in the Configuration iView. You can use these functions to move individual configuration objects or larger parts of the configuration, including all referenced configuration data, between portals. For example, this allows you to transfer the configuration from a test system to a production system. (see online documentation)
Sponsored Links (SPS04/SPS12)
Sponsored links appear in the search results list in a special area above, beside, or below the regular search results. Authors and content managers can determine that certain links are displayed when users search using specific key terms. In this way, they can point users to important documents, portal pages, or other objects. (see online documentation)
Portal Drive (SPS04/SPS14)
The Portal Drive WebDAV client for Windows makes KM folders available as mapped network drives. Users can then work with documents in KM repositories in the same way as they work on any other Windows network drives. Among other things the client supports versioning, locking, offline and online synchronization modes. (see online documentation)
TREX Alert Server (SPS04/-)
Administrators can use the TREX alert server to monitor system behavior and the configuration of TREX. The TREX alert server regularly checks central TREX functions and can notify the administrator by e-mail of the system status in the event of an error or incorrect configuration. The TREX alert server is part of the TREX admin tool (stand-alone). It can also be displayed in the SAP system using transaction TREXADMIN. (see online documentation)
PCD Repository Manager (SPS06/SPS14)
You can use the PCD Repository Manager to display objects in the Portal Content Directory (PCD) in Knowledge Management. The PCD Repository Manager is used in KM when searching for portal pages and iViews. The objects found using the portalRolesSearch index service in the PCD cache are converted to KM objects and can be displayed in the search results list. (see online documentation)
Searching For Portal Pages and iViews (SPS06/SPS14)
You can create an index for the search in the Portal Content Directory (PCD). If you choose this index when searching, the results list contains portal pages and iViews that are contained in the roles of the logged-on user. This function allows users to access their portal pages and iViews through the search function. In the results list, you only have to click a hit to navigate to the corresponding portal page. (see online documentation)
Extend Search Queries (SPS07/SPS16)
You can link the user’s search query with another search query that you define in a Java class. The user’s search query and the search query in the class are linked using AND. For example, you can define a search for a specific property value in the class (such as property targetgroup = “public”). The index returns only documents for which this value is set. (see online documentation)
Sneak Preview on SPS08 (subject to change)
Secure HTML Editor: You can configure the security of the HTML editor. In the configuration, you can deactivate security-relevant editing functions, such as the insertion of HTML text.
Federated Search: If you have implemented a federated portal, users of the portal receive search results from all producer portals when they create a single search query.
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  • Hi, is posible create word document or pdf using templates or pre-defined format and structure in the documents ?

    So what is templates in the KM ?

    Thank you

    • Hi Victor, you may use all kinds of documents as templates in KM, e.g. a pre-structured and pre-formatted word document. If you want to create a new document based on a template (stored in KM) you can use a specific FlexUI command which creates a copy of this template within your current folder and opens it for editing. You could also use an XML form as template and an appropriate XSL transformation to create your target document. Creating PDFs is currently not supported out of the box but you may integrate a 3rd party tool to do the conversion. Best regards, Christopher
      • Thank you, i am try understand, If is required implementing the EP for use the KM.

        we working Nw04s BI and EP maybe is alternative license.

        KM is integrated by MySAP ERP 2004 -> SAP R/3 DMS ?

        Thank you.

        • Yes - you have to implement SAP NetWeaver with usage type Enterprise Portal (EP) which contains the Knowledge Management capabilities (KM). DMS is a completely different system. Best regards, Christopher