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The ERP of This Century: SAP

Do you know that there is a song for SAP employees? I like it! It is really amazing! Morsekode made this rap song: “The ERP of This Century”. I came across John Pollar’s “The Power of Viral Marketing (or at least the power it had on SAP)” article and commented his article. Even he sent me a kindly thanks e-mail for my comment.

You can find Morsekode’s press link here: Morsekode Inducted into 2006 MarketingSherpa Hall of Fame.

John Pollard who Morsekode client strategist and composer of the song, says:

There’s a culture inside large companies like SAP that’s much different from the way their brands are presented to the market. But almost nobody is speaking to that culture. We knew if we could entertain them, in a fresh way, in a relevant style, the song would be passed on,

and he asks

What could be more entertaining than a rap song about enterprise business applications?

Look at Viral Hall of Fame 2006. This song is kind of marketing strategy.

All right nooowww listeeen: The ERP of This Century All together S A P We’re gonna be The ERP of This Century…

The ERP of This Century Lyrics
We’re gonna be
Of this century
A little initiation
An account with no inflation
It’s the break down of creation
And the state of the SAP nation
In April 1 of 1972
Five crazy cats sprung the rung from the big blue
It all started with finance
Made some cash, made you dance
Grabbed some focus like a trance
Eventually you’d do business in France
And the rest of the world, one by one,
Knockin’ ‘em out, until it was all done
R/2, R/3 and now we’re talking mySAP
What’s next? What will it be?
It’s a new crew at the top but stop and don’t drop
The lead that succeeds from the seed of 72
Not talking to me, but you know I’m talking to you
Now we got Suites, xApps, Manufacturing and Analytics,
Taken business mobile and still wowin’ the critics
Yo, back to that Suite, you got the beat under my feet
CRM, PLM, SCM, and SRM – heck you got more M’s than Eminem
And now your strivin’ to be thrivin’ with a
Win in the SMB
Yo, SMB, whatchew gonna be?
The next hit, the next r/3?
And NetWeaver, you best believe ‘er
She’s bringin’ it together cleaner than Beaver Cleaver
All right, let’s get real about how we really feel
That Oracle deal, a big spin of the wheel
Like Russian roulet-te, Larry took a big bet
And now it’s Peoplesoft and JDE that the world’ll forget
Jetzt ist sie weg
Und wir sind wieder allein, allein
Sie ist weg
Yeah, whatever Oracle
We’ll take care of your peeps over here
One last thing, a little shout out
D’ you think we’re gonna leave our friends in HCM out?
Naw, yous the grooviest bunch of cats in the hat
And the ‘kode thinks your phat, and we like it like that
Yo, SAP, we be hipper than Flea in the Peppers of Chili
We can take the load, just give ‘er to the ‘kode
And together we’ll watch your new business explode
Peace, from Morsekode
Hey guys in the SAP Big Band, you keep swingin’ . . .


Update (Nov 28, 2021) – Thanks for Arne Schwarz and his kind message. Fixed the link for the song The ERP of This Century above. It’s really awesome the song is still available somewhere on the internet!

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