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SP15: iView Tray Color

OK, after a brief deter to discuss the Support Platform and its portal Content Reports, I’m back to fulfill my promise to provide details about the other new features in SPS 15. For a list of the features, see my recap weblog New Goodies from the Portal (SPS 15) (New Goodies from the Portal (SPS 15)). Today, we are going to focus on the iView tray color. In essence, this features enables you to tag your iViews with a certain value, and then access the value within the Layout tag library and use it while creating the page’s layout and iView tray. The main purpose was to set a color for each type of iView, and then use this color to set the background color of the iView tray, which you customize using the Layout tag library. image Content administrators can set the +Family+ ( attribute of an iView (for example, to +HR+). When the iView is displayed, the background color of the iView tray for this iView is set to the corresponding color for +HR+ iViews.

h3. Here’s How It Works Basically, there are just two steps for setting up this feature: * * Creating a custom layout (with a custom tray) h4. iView Families and Colors To set the possible values for the +Family+ attribute, use the PCD Inspector to change the meta-attributes for the +Family+ attribute in the core iView. The core iView is located at +portal_content –> –> default_objects –> image

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  • Can I change de iView background color with this method? or is just for the iView tray color?

    if not, how can I change de background color (KM iView)?


    • This is only for the tray color. You can use the the themes to change the background color — but this is all iViews. Otherwise, it is up to you as the developer to modify the look and feel of the iView.

      I am not familiar with any special features for setting KM background color.