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There was a comment made a few days ago on the Scripting in a Box v0.0.1 weblog, that just didn’t sit right with me.

The comment stirred up in my mind, all the old questions, and arguments about the viability of OpenSource projects, and what makes OpenSource developers tick.  Something, that seeing I’ve lived as an OpenSource Developer for 8 years now, I find just plain wrong that it is being discussed to the degree it is now (not just here, but in the IT industry at large).

Today, as I usually do, I got my bi-weekly/monthly SuitWatch news letter from Doc SearlsTodays edition pulled together a whole raft of salient points that sum up why OpenSource works, describing factors that I still see a lot of people in the Enterprise having trouble coming to terms with today.

The quote from Eric Raymond in particular:

The thing about the Internet is you can't coerce people over a T-1
     line, so power relationships don't work... So the only game left to
     play is pure craftsmanship and reputation among peers. If you can
     offer people the chance to do good work and be seen doing good work
     by their peers, That's a really powerful motivator.

is a good one – there are plenty of others.

The news letter makes reference to a lot of worthwhile reading:

Among others.

And here is the Wikipedia definition.

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  1. Former Member
    A bit off topic but still, this excerpt reminds me directly of my initial experiences here on SDN when I was working together with developers, later realizing they were developers of SAP.

    “Nat had with him a new ThinkPad that’s in the works from Lenovo. I suggested to him that the old “Access IBM” button, which now sports a new non-branded name, should reach a team at Novell or wherever. There might be a good service business, I suggested–for anybody–on the other side of that button. “Good idea”, he said. That idea now has a far better chance of going somewhere than it ever did when I gave it, repeatedly, to various IBM folks over the years.”

    The idea of having an almost direct communication channel with so many developers whether they are inside of SAP or other companies which produce products you use, SDN for me became that channel and it paid off.

    “… open-source methods are behind not only the open API movement, causing countless productive software and service mash-ups, but the coming business changes as well.”

    It’s a powerful statement with lots of support and backing to validate it, I think the sooner that enterprises begin to accept that statement as true or even as partially true we’ll begin to see a shift in policies as well as practices.

    I think that each and ever person out there needs to remember that some of the most innovated discoveries in the world today and throughout history arose from the basic desire to help each other and your fellow man, helping yourself came out of the ability to provide support for the discovery.

    Build it, give it, get bread and milk for supporting it and helping someone use it.

    My random thoughts on a rainy Thursday afternoon…


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