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What’s New in JEE 5 ?..

In Version 5 of Java Platform, Java Enterprise Edition (formely J2EE) contains major enhancements and improvements.

New Features in JEE 5

  • EJB 3.0
    • Plain old Java Objects (POJO)
    • Standardized Object Relational Mapping
    • Support for inheritance and polymorphism
  • Java Server Faces 1.2
    • Component Based UI Development
    • Improved event handling and input validation
    • internationalization and accessibility support
  • Java API for XML based Web Services 2.0 (JAX-WS 2.0)
    • Automatic WSDL generation
    • Simpler web service client
  • Web Services Metadata
    • Annotation based web service definition
  • Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) 1.2
    • Tag Library for XML Processing
  • JAXB 2.0
    • support for W3C XML schemas
    • easier encoding and decoding of data sent through web service calls
    • Easier Java Objects to XML Mapping
  • Java Persistence API
    • support for integration of third party persistance frameworks
    • Easier object-relational mapping
  • Streaming API for XML (StAX)
    • event based XML parsing
    • more read XML parsing code

Advantages of JEE 5

  • Faster and Easier Development of Java Enterprise Applicaitons
    • Deployment Descriptors are now optional.
    • Easy to use syntax for metadata using Annotations.
  • Simpler Web Service Support
    • support for the REST style of web services
  • Better platform for SOA implementation
    • Easier implementation of web services
    • Increased number of supported standards
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  • hi

    It is nice to read about the new features.

    Can you also include a blog regarding the incompatibilities of SAP JEE 5 engine with the NW04 and NW2004s versions (if any)?