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Scripting in a Box v0.0.5

Download NOW!

With quite an overwhelming amount of downloads for the first version I just had to add to it and so now the next version is available! For those of you who have already downloaded v0.0.1 you simply need to download the 15 MB upgrade to v0.0.5 for those of you who have not yet downloaded you can go straight to the v0.0.5. Python is now included as well as several PHP Pear packages. Remember the only thing you need to supply is a SAP system such as the one available for download here on SDN. Contents

  • Development Tools
    • Apache 2.0.54
    • MySQL 4.1.18
    • MySQL Tools
      • phpMyAdmin
    • Eclipse 3.1.2
    • Eclipse Plugins
      • PHPEclipse 1.1.7
      • EPIC 0.3.0
      • PyDev 1.0.5
  • Development Languages
    • Languages
      • PHP 5.1.2
      • PEAR Packages
        • Archive_Tar 1.3.1 stable
        • Console_Getopt 1.2 stable
        • Console_Table 1.0.4 stable
        • DB 1.7.6 stable
        • DB_DataObject 1.8.4 stable
        • Date 1.4.6 stable
        • HTML_Common 1.2.2 stable
        • HTML_Table 1.6.1 stable
        • MDB2 2.0.0 stable
        • OLE 0.5 beta
        • PEAR 1.4.9 stable
        • Pager 2.3.6 stable
        • Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer 0.9.0 beta
        • Structures_DataGrid 0.6.3 beta
        • Validate 0.6.2 beta
        • XML_Parser 1.2.7 stable
        • XML_RSS 0.9.9 beta
        • XML_Serializer 0.18.0 beta
        • XML_Util 1.1.1 stable
      • ActivePerl
      • Python 2.4.3
    • Connectors
      • SAPRFC 1.4.1 for PHP 5.1.1
      • Perl SAP::Rfc 1.42
      • Python SAP::Rfc 0.08

Basically after you download the package and unpack the ZIP file you will find the “readme.txt” explaining a few things and making sure you know I am not responsible if something really bad happens 😉 and a RAR file which is also a form of archive like ZIP. Unpack then the RAR file to your C drive or whichever drive (USB stick works as well). Once you’ve unpacked it to the root of your drive then you can run the “configure.vbs” file which will ensure that it is ready to run from the drive location, change a drive location run the “configure.vbs” again otherwise just run the “start.bat” file from then on. This new version also has the ability to alter the root directory from “Development” to that of your choice. That should be it, Ruby/Ruby on Rails are already in the works! The next version v0.1.0 with Ruby should be available at Scripting Languages at SAPPHIRE?! Discuss “Scripting in a Box” Download: Scripting in a Box on SDN or in a LIVE Scripting in a Box v0.0.1 If you have a spare minute I would be very curious to know your thoughts on something, it takes but a minute: Click Here

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  • Really? Now that is really interesting.
    Only limited activity in the related weblogs, limited participation in the related forums but an overwhelming number of downloads?
    I wish I would understand how SDN ticks…

    Grats on your succesful project Craig.


    • Great Craig! Congratulations again…You have created such a great tool! -:D

      But I must agree with Anton…Sometimes the SDN community acts weird -:S Anyway…Let’s keep going -;)

      I already vote -:) PHP and ABAP the best!!!



  • Craig,

    As a brand new development consultant to-be, im at the moment in training at SAP The Netherlands.

    I think your toolbox will kickstart my handson knowledge of SAP and its technology.

    Thanks alot

    Joris Bots

    • Good for you Joris! -:) You can learn a lot from PHP/SAP blogs and with Craig’s Scripting in a Box you could do some great applications -;)