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I came accross a question posted in the SDN forum asking if it was possible to restrict the viewing of iviews and pages during certain time of the day. I thought it was possible and through this blog I present what I find is a possible solution.

My solution is as follows.I create the iviews and put them into pages. The pages are attached to a role. The users are assigned or unassigned from the role based on how I wish to control the access. The assigning and unassigning of the users from the roles can be made dynamic using the IRole, IRoleFactory API’s.

For the sake of simplicity, I have created an iview which is assigned to the role “usr”. The user “sampleuser” is assigned to the role. By using the system time, I will assign or unassign the user from the role, inturn controlling the access to the page assigned to the role.

I will give the code samples here. Organise the following in the form of a Dyn Page. Export the project as a par file and create an iview out of the par file. Place the iview in the desktop inner page of the portal. You will have a page restrictor that will restrict the uasage of the pages between certain time period.

The following are the variables and conventions used

irole: Variable indicating Name of the role taken
iuser: Variable indicating User taken
roleiterator: Variable indicating Role Iterator. java.util.iterator
irolefactory: Variable indicating iRoleFactory
inTime: Boolean variable which is used to check if the current system time is within the restriction time
FlagLock: Integer variable indicating if the restriction is enforced or not. A value of 1 indicates no restriction and a value of 0 indicates a restriction.

The folowing imports are to be organised

The following methods are the methods for adding and removing a user into a role
public void addRole() – Method to add a user into a role
public void removeRole() – Method to remove a user from a role

The following method is the checking method which checks if the time is between a certain limit and returns a boolean. The checking method here is very simple. It can be modelled as complex as you might want. The section controller is added in the doProcessBeforeOutput section.

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  1. Hi,

    will this work for users that are logged on already?

    I assume that as long as the user does not refresh the browser window he still is able to access the page, right?


  2. Former Member Post author
    Hi vijai,
    I have tried your code, and i placed the created iview on desktop innerpage. but it is showing the error as could not create a iview.
    can please guide me to complete it successfully.
    1. Former Member Post author
      Rashmi, Which iView are you using? is it a standard portal iveiw/WebDynpro iView/a custom portal component? Also do you want to “Hide” the iView or merely “Disable” any user from making changes?
  3. Former Member
    Thanks for ur reply.
    I am using a standard portal iveiw BW report iView.
    Also i want to “Hide” or “Disable” this iView from all logon users for a particular time period daily.
    Thanks in advance.

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