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SAP Development presents ESA

Developers bring Service Enablement in ESA to Orlando

On May 17th and 18th, SAP Development will be presenting Service Enablement in ESA to SAP NetWeaver Developer Info Days participants. Developers from Germany, Israel, Bulgaria and elsewhere around the globe will be offering a unique insight to SAP’s Service Enablement efforts. A rare opportunity to talk with the coders and architects of ESA and to have a technical view of what will be released and what the plans are for the future.

If you are participating in the 2006 ASUG Annual Conference May 14-17th in Orlando, Florida, you should consider staying one more day.

Here are the topics covered in the ESA Track:

  1. Enterprise Service Infrastructure
    Understand the Enterprise Service Infrastructure, the principles and guidelines that will make ESA possible. Get a technical overview of how SAP development tools, runtimes engines, ESR and enterprise services will work together.
  2. Enterprise Services Repository
    Understand components and functionality of ESR modeling as well as the registration of services into a UDDI. Presenter will show how such functionality compares with UDDI standards and how SAP differentiates with its offering.
  3. Working with Enterprise Services
    A technical view to better understand Enterprise Services and how they are developed. Understand how service consumers will work with these enterprise services.
  4. ESA Exploration Workplace
    Understand how SAP is building an “Inventory” of enterprise services. Understand how customers and ISVs can discover, try and use these enterprise services easily. What role the community i.e. Customers, Partners and ISV will play in such inventory.
  5. Enterprise Services Explorer for .NET
    This session covers SAP’s service enablement efforts in the ESA open platform. A sneak peak of how the PDK for .NET will be able to discover enterprise services residing in the Enterprise Service Repository (ESR). Understand how the new Enterprise Services will be use by .NET developers to build enterprise applications using Visual Studio and SAP NetWeaver PDK for .NET.
  6. SAP NetWeaver Voice Framework
    Get a sneak preview of NetWeaver Voice, the new Visual Composer kit for modeling applications for the phone. In this session, you’ll learn how to build a simple speech recognition application to allow an employee to report their hours worked.

Other DID Tracks to consider:

The SAP NetWeaver Developer Info Days is 1.5 days of educational sessions presented by SAP development colleagues. The event is organized along seven separate tracks, each track corresponding to a particular IT Practice. Depending on your interest, here are some other tracks that you may want to attend this year:

  • User Productivity Enablement (Knowledge Management and Collaboration Centric)
  • Business Information Management
  • Data Unification
  • End to End Process Integration
  • Custom Development
  • User Productivity Enablement (SAP NetWeaver Portal Centric)

To see the complete agenda, click here

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  • Franklin,

    nice effort to present ESA related stuff at (isolated) events at single places and dates.
    May I suggest that you, the ESA people, take part much more actively in the related forum here on SDN? There’s a number of interesting questions arising every now and then and I very much suppose there would be much more discussion (and therefore ESA promotion, which you might be interested in) if only someone of SAP took part in this and explained concepts, possibilities, whatever relevant.