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Now that you know the benefits of the Support Platform (see weblog Support Platform: A Diagnostic Tool and So Much More), it’s worth taking a look at some of the out-of-the-box plug-ins that come with the portal. Just to recap: The Support Platform is an engine that runs small Java programs. These programs produce results (basically, tables of information) that are displayed in the Support Platform user interface. And these plug-ins are generally designed to diagnose problems or retrieve configuration information from the Application Server. Though it was intended for use by SAP support to help customers, the Support Platform comes with plug-ins for portal administrators.

Content Reports

Among the many out-of-the-box plug-ins that come with the Support Platform, there are nine portal content reports, which give you information about PCD objects. The plug-ins are listed under Enterprise Portal –> Content Reports. image The following reports are provided:

  • Broken Delta Links Detector: Checks for broken delta links, starting from a specified PCD location.
  • Changes Tracking – Changes by User: Lists the objects that were changed by a specified user.
  • Changes Tracking – Changed During: Lists the objects that were changed during a specified period of time.
  • Creation Time – Created During: Lists the objects that were created during a specified period of time.
  • Ownership of Objects – Created by Author: Lists the objects that were created by a specified user.
  • Ownership of Objects – Namespaces: Lists the objects with a specified ID prefix (namespace).
  • Permissions – Inconsistency Check: Lists the objects that do not inherit permissions from their parent folders.
  • Unused Objects – Not Assigned to Roles: Lists the objects that are not assigned to roles.
  • Unused Objects – Unassigned Roles: Lists all roles that are not assigned to any user.

Example: Change Tracking

Let’s say you want to find out what objects in the PCD were changed in the last day (that is, by an administrator, who might have changed an attribute or created a new iView). Click on Changes Tracking – Changed During in the plug-in tree on the left, and then click Plug-In Properties Editor to specify a PCD folder, a time period and a type of portal object (like iView or page). Click Run. image After a few seconds — or perhaps longer if you search the entire PCD — the Support Platform displays (on the right side) a list of objects that were modified. image Each plug-in can return results, which is a table of strings. The first two columns of data are displayed in the table (the first column is always the result description); the information in the remaining columns are shown below. Above, I searched for all pages modified in the last day. Two pages were found — information about the selected row (pcd:portal_content/DanielContent/DanRole/LinkPage) is shown below. Most of the reports are pretty much PCD searches, which you could do yourself, but these plug-ins save you the trouble of doing the coding.

More Information

For more information about the Support Platform, see the document at SAP NetWeaver Support Platform on the Help Portal. The content reports are also listed there, along with the parameters that each can take. Also, simply run the Support Platform and browser through the tree of available plug-ins. The URL for the support platform is: http://:/sp Just sign in as any administrator.

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  1. Former Member

    Thanks for this very informative weblog. We have been trying to deploy this application on our EP6.0 SPS13 Environment but have been faced with many exceptions. Do you know if there is a forum on this to help us through our deployment issues?

    Thanks again,
    Raj Balakrishnan

    1. Daniel Wroblewski
      Post author
      Thanks for your note.

      (1) There should be no deployment. SP should come with the WebAS, and you should be able to simply run the SP application — unless there has been a change in the way it is packaged. I will check.

      (2) I think if there are enough questions and interest, a forum could be created. I think, generally, the interest is shown and then the forum is created.


      1. Former Member
        The support platform was not installed when we checked our sps13 installation. So, according to the help documentation ” To install the latest version of the Support Platform, download and install the Support Platform .sca file attached to SAP Note 812688.”, we used the sap note to download the Support platform sca files. Unfortunately, the app, is now throwing a missingResourceException for a properties file, (which maybe got left out, while creating the sca file).
        1. Daniel Wroblewski
          Post author

          I have inquired a little but have not found any specific information on any such bugs — which is what this sounds like.

          Please open a CSN. Be prepared to provide the default trace files or the the full exception stack trace of the missingResourceExcetion.



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