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MDM as an ESA/SOA offering!

Is ESA an SAP synonym for SOA?

Yes and No.

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) as a concept was introduced way back in the mid nineties during the B2B boom. It essentially revolves around the following parameters

a)Openness to Web Services and standards

b)Ease of change, use and innovation

c)Means to integrate the available solutions/systems

d)Scalable, manageable, reliable, secure and high performing.

ESA on the other hand is the SAP framework to render the goals of an SOA offering for adaptive business solutions.

It focuses on realizing the demands of assembling applications, roles and services from vendors, partners, etc. into composite and event – driven business scenarios.

ESA differs from SOA only in the adoption of business practices into the service offerings


Where does MDM play a role in ESA or SOA?

The primary tasks of an MDM system can be summed up as under:

a)Maintaining information integrity across the business network

b)Provide services and support to consolidate content, harmonize and centrally
manage master data

Thus speaking, we can broadly classify the MDM services into two major categories:

a)Data services which involve the MDM system to import (fetch) data from various
sources and syndicate (send) it back to the same or other systems.

b)Process services which add business processing at the MDM level, before Master Data
update and/or before Master Data delivery to client systems.

These services include:

• Data Consolidation

• Connecting to various different systems

• Maintaining calculations/validations

• Embedding Workflows

• Managing Merged/converted values

• Etc.

We have so far only discussed the most simplistic implementation of SOA using MDM.

The other uses of MDM for the realization of SOA can be left to the extent of imagination of the developer as to how he sees the world and services around him.

Realizing business needs through communication with the CRM/SRM systems, communicating with third party systems, etc. all drive MDM towards the goal of a full fledged SOA system

Did I forget to mention JAVA API for MDM !!!!!

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