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The intension of this weblog is for the workaround when all the doors to login to the SAP EP are shut. The saviour of this story is the Emergency User. I really admired the feature when I personally experienced the capability of the Emergency User and wanted to share with u all.
I guessed it was only my problem, but after viewing the below threads, I felt it was the same with most of them. These threads in the Enterprise Portal Forum motivated me to write this weblog

Full Java Edition SP16 – EP Login Password admin not working

/thread/114658 [original link is broken]



Step 4: To change the value of a property:

    • In Value at the bottom of the screen, change the value to TRUE
    • Choose Set.
    • Apply the changes


Step 5:

Follow the same to set the property (ume.superadmin.password) also

Step 6: In order for the changes to take effect, please restart the server.

Step 7: Now Log in to the portal using

Userid : sap*

Password : (as defined in the configtool)


Step 8: The roles assigned to the sap* user are

    1. Content Administration
    2. User Administration
    3. System Administration

So create the new users and assign the necessary roles.

NOTE: When the sap* user is activated all the other users will be deactivated.

After the completion of the tasks Deactivate the Emergency User (sap*) by setting the ume.superadmin.activated to False, so that all other users are activated.

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  1. Hi Kiran,
    Really a very useful tip during emergencies.

    Good work.. Keep going..


  2. Christopher Solomon
    Remember the “good ol’ days” when one of the first steps of install/config of EP was to MANUALLY create a new super user and deactivate the default SAP* user. Ahhh how times have changed. haha Thanks for the good tip!
  3. Former Member Post author
    Hi Kiran,

    Your blog is extremely useful as I could log on with sap* user and password. The only thing I’m unable to achieve is getting to this file and opening it and carrying out the changes thereby.
    I have sneak preview nw 2k4s installed as a local installation and able to bring the database online with as superdba.
    The steps suggested I’m positive are for abap stack but I’m not able to find the file on all the directories of my system.
    Your help is greatly appreciated.

  4. Former Member Post author
    Global server configuration

    I am, new to SAP EP .
    We cannot logon to our SAP EP Portal.
    I came across this article and decided to try the option.
    I run the  configtool.bat .
    The got the SAP  J2EE Engine config tool.
    But  i was unable to find the option Global server configuration.

    I did not get the option
    services ->

    Mu UI is as follows:

    @ c:\usr\sap\BMCP\j2ee\j2ee_000\
       @ cluster\dispatcher
       @ cluster\server

    Where can i get the option “”.

    Thanks And Regards

  5. Former Member

    I tried to solve my issue in applicating the methods and it worked very fine .Finally when your configtools start we need to use the default Data base settings , your DB must be running.


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