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Scripting – Whats your fancy – Perl, Python or Ruby?

I’m proud to announce the latest updates of the SAP RFC integration packages for Perl, Python and Ruby.

In brief:

Perl and SAP::Rfc 1.42

  • Support for SSO2 login has been added

The new version can be found on CPAN

Ruby and SAP::Rfc 0.16

  • Support for SSO2 login has been added
  • Caching of interface, and structure discovery – whenever a call to SAP::Rfc#discover is made, a series of RFC calls are performed to look up what the definition of the interface is (same applies for SAP::Rfc#structure). This can be a performance hit for a complex RFC interface, or situations where an RFC enabled script is fired frequently. invoke SAP::Rfc.useCache = true to activate caching – see documentation for further details.
  • Inorder to tidy up accessors for parameters, and structure components, some changes have been made. The new syntax for setting parameter values is iface.PARM_NAME = value instead of iface.PARM_NAME.value = new_value. The same applies to structure components where: str.FIELD_NAME = new_value as opposed to str.FIELD_NAME.value = new_value.

The new version can be found at: saprfc or via RAA

Python and saprfc 0.08

  • Support for SSO2 login has been added
  • Improved connection parameter handling

saprfc for Python

Links for all above related library information is available via here

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  • Hello Piers,

    Thanks for the info. Would you kindly take a look at my comments on the weblog “Scripting in a Box v0.0.1” (Scripting in a Box v0.0.1)?

    I would be very interested to hear your comments. I wanted first of all for you to QA my assumptions (one, that these connectors are Open Source, and two, that they are developed independently of SAP), but Craig’s reply has sort of confirmed them for me.



    • Hey Martin, just to be sure – there is no intention from SAP to take over any of these connectors – Piers has been as plans to continue to develop these just as Eduard plans to continue to develop the one for PHP (as far as I know I’ve not spoken to him).